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The Secret Tomb (An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure) Audiobook 1

The Secret Tomb (An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure) Audiobook 1

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Searching for the Mask of Immortality proved more challenging than Scout anticipated.

It’s taken Scout a year to get her life in order. She’s working with her mom, Blaire, in her Ulysses Assassins business with her partner, Ralph. And the powers her father, Victor, had passed down to her, were changing her.

When a ball of flames from her past took her back to the Underworld to search for the Mask of Immortality, nothing was as it seemed. She could trust nobody, and it turned her world upside down.

She also discovered secrets that were better left unknown, and now others were in danger...

Meet Scout, a half-breed who extracted souls with her hands, and wielded her father's powers. But being a child of the Lord of the Underworld didn't come without its challenges.


This audiobook is narrated using AI technology.

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Chapter 1Victor stood beside his older brother and watched the madman show them how they could use the mask. But the real reason for the demonstration—they needed to determine whether it was the right mask. Harry ‘Houdini’ Morris pulled the cart closer so they could see clearly.
The darkness of the night never bothered Victor, he thrived in it. He did his best work at night, using the shadows to blend in, but tonight his eyes scratched and the blackness troubled him for some unexplained reason.
Victor’s older brother, Seth, was as impatient as a young child waiting anxiously for Father Christmas to deliver his presents.
“Father is going to get a kick out of this,” Seth said, grinning from ear to ear. His emerald colored eyes sparkled like jewels in the starless sky. “He’s been looking for this mask for centuries.”
Victor rolled his eyes. It was true, their father, the King of the Underworld, had been looking for the mask, but only because he wanted to destroy it. Their father was afraid of anything that posed a threat to his power, and their father didn’t want to lose his position within the supernatural world. Which was understandable. Neither did Victor nor his brother.
Harry made an exaggerated show of draping his coat over his shoulder and crouched behind the old cart. The action reminded Victor of the good times when there was no electricity, and gaining souls for his pleasure was easier. He, too, walked around in a long black coat and top hat, enticing men and women with sins for their pathetic soul. These days, it was all about the latest electronics or immediate gratification that created the shortest attention spans.
Harry coughed, gaining Victor’s attention. Victor smiled knowingly; it seemed he too had a short attention span.
Harry slowly opened a large vintage wooden chest held in the cart. “My Dark Lord’s, thank you for meeting me here,” he said, gesturing at the ancient cemetery. “It’s rare my Lord’s venture out of the Underworld, but I assure you tonight will be worth your while.”
“Just get on with it, human,” Victor snapped, his eyes burning red. “Before I eat your soul.”
“Yes, my Lord,” Harry muttered and stood straighter. “We found the mask that was once lost,” Harry said, pulling a never-ending cloth out of his pocket. “It wasn’t easy to find, and we had casualties. When my men found this hidden in a secret tomb, I knew who the rightful owners were—”
“You weren’t interested in the riches that could come with finding such an artifact?” Victor asked suspiciously. His left eye itched as he watched Harry with the cloth and wondered why the distraction. “You could’ve auctioned this off to the highest bidder.”
“Oh, no my Lord,” Harry said, sweeping his arm low and bowing down. “It is not riches I’m after.” He stood up and continued pulling the never-ending cloth out of his pocket. Once done, he threw the cloth on the ground but kept the ring that was tied to it.
“Then what do you seek?” Victor asked. His tone was louder and harsher than normal, making Harry flinch.
“Only to serve,” Harry said, averting his eyes. “I wish to serve the Dark Prince’s in the Underworld and when it is time, you will ensure my family gets what they deserve.” Harry’s eyes flitted to Victor and then to Seth before staring at the ground once more.
“Why?” Victor’s suspicion grew. Nobody willingly gave something away for free, along with their soul. Was this charade only so that he could exact revenge on his family? It made little sense.
“I assure you,” Harry said, glancing at Victor. He stepped closer to the dark angel, whose black wings had opened and now spread wide, displaying his power over the human. “My time here has ended, and I wish to become a servant in your world. I honestly have had enough of this place,” — he swept his hands wide, — “I’m sixty-seven and my tricks are old in these times. Nobody wishes to see an old man perform magic tricks. I can do nothing about my parents for sending me to that institute when I was a boy. They thought I was special when I was not. I only loved doing magic; that was what made me special. But my wife and kids are alive and well. I wish the worst to happen to them,” Harry said maliciously as his eyes filled with hate and narrowed.
“Ah, there it is. You wish revenge on your family?” Seth asked, nodding. “They treated you unkindly?”
“Yes, my Lord. They were cruel all my life. They never supported my shows or appreciated the life I’d given them. No matter how many hours I worked, the street corners I stood on performing tricks, did my family say thank you. Ever. And I think it’s time they all got what they deserved.”
Seth clapped his hands, creating a sonic boom sound. “Deal, now let’s get on with the show.”
Victor glared daggers at his brother, who shrugged in response. “You’re far too trusting, brother. If anything happens, it’s your fault.”
“Yes, yes, as it always is.” Seth waved Victor away like he did when they were children and nodded curtly for Harry to continue.
Victor stared suspiciously at Seth.
Harry called someone over who had been lurking in the shadows of a tree. It surprised Victor because he hadn’t seen that person until they walked across the lawn. He was usually more aware of his surroundings and could tell the difference between hidden dangers and shadows. He tugged on his shirt, glancing over his shoulder and then back at the assistant as he approached the magician.
The assistant wore a matching red coat that billowed out behind him as he walked toward Harry. The assistant was younger than Harry, but that meant nothing; some supernaturals never aged at all, and from this distance, Victor couldn’t tell what he was. The assistant held open his hand, and an orb glowed blue in his palm; he was either a wizard or a warlock. When he closed his eyes and said an incantation, Victor heard and understood what was about to happen; he was going to raise the dead at their feet.
The ground vibrated, and the headstone near the necromancer toppled over. The sand dispersed, creating a hole big enough for the corpse to animate and sit up. But before the dead could rise, Harry removed the mask out of the wooden chest and slapped it on the necromancer’s face.
Two things happened at once; the corpse crumpled back inside its coffin like a dirty old rag. And the necromancer’s shoulders dropped when the orb disappeared, and he glared daggers at the magician.
“There we have it, my Lords; The Mask of Immortality or the opposite when used on any supernatural, rendering them powerless,” Harry said. His smile widening as he removed the mask from the assistant.
Harry’s eyes flitted from the brothers to the mask, and then something happened in slow motion. He raised the mask as if to praise it, then lowered it onto his face.
Harry grew twice his size, fell onto all four limbs as he shifted into something much bigger. He didn’t stop growing as he morphed into a gigantic wolf-orca hybrid; a killer whale on land. He swished his large, dark tail backward and forward. His head turning toward Victor and growled hungrily like a wolf.
Victor didn’t have time to transport himself back to the Underworld, and he didn’t have time to call for help as Harry ‘Houdini’ Morris lunged for him.

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