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N Gray is a South African USA Today Bestselling Author living in Cape Town with her daughter. For fun she hikes or enjoys a walk on the beach.

During the day, she's a spreadsheet wizard, creating dashboards and tables with trending analysis in search of anomalies. At night, she types on her curved keyboard creating fictional characters that some may love, and others you want to kill yourself. 

She writes in as many genres as she reads in;

Horrors are her guilty pleasures. She loves writing short stories filled with dark humor and the occult with a twist ending. 

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance is where she loves to spend her time with many books planned. 

And lastly, her Thrillers. Who doesn’t love sitting on the edge of their seat while reading about what goes on inside the antagonist mind. Well, she loves writing about them.

Her novels come in ebook format as well as paperback, and some are hard cover.

You can find N Gray at the usual hangouts, say hi, and tell her about yourself.

N Gray is also the owner of The Little Bookshop at the End of the World - an online South African bookstore selling quality paperbacks from indie authors. You can see her website here

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Right, now that the formalities are over... I still find it strange talking about myself in the 3rd person. But, this is my website and we're all friends over here and I can relax a bit. 

I don't just write. I hike and thoroughly enjoy taking in the sights in and around Cape Town. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and I'm incredibly blessed to live in such a stunning province. The below collage showcases just a few pictures, more can be seen on my personal blog on Instagram here 

N Gray Hiking


But, I have another reason for hiking... I'm busy with research for my latest thriller (Lady Killer). The bad guy is, well, bad, and he kills, dumping bodies wherever he pleases. So, by hiking the various sights I get to decide where he leaves evidence.

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Until then, stay safe and keep reading...

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