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Natalie Michaels is the thrilling new pen name of USA Today bestselling author N Gray, who writes unforgettable characters and dark twist endings...


The Last Girl now available in Kindle Unlimited here

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A captivating blend of crime, evil, and a man collecting young women…

This is Detective Steve Campbell’s second case since moving to Ketchum, and it involves missing friends kidnapped a month apart.

Unfortunately, there is little evidence for him to follow, but he asks Officer Graham to search cold cases with similarities, and they find the case that may have been the start of something sinister.

With more information at hand, one name keeps popping up; Jack Haskins. Now all they have to do is find the girls in Jack’s house of horrors.

But what they find is something Detective Steve Campbell could never imagine in all the years he’s been working.

Gripping, poignant, packed with unforgettable characters and a dart twist ending.


The Bone Forest is now up for pre-order here

A gripping blend of crime, terror, and the darker side of carnal games…

When Detective Steve Campbell’s next case involves a woman from Boise found brutally murdered and dumped in the Sawtooth Forest near Ketchum, he originally suspects a cult performing rituals.

As he navigates the forest landscape in search of the cult’s hideaway, the horrific discovery of more bodies deepens the plot of powerful people who would do everything to keep their dark secrets from being exposed.

As the trail runs cold, the race is on to stop the killer before another victim is found and he disappears to the next town.

Although The Bone Forest starts where The Last Girl ended, it follows Detective Steve Campbell on a new case that can be read as a standalone novel.

Captivating, poignant, packed with unforgettable characters and a happy ending.


The White Dahlia is up for pre-order here


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