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Natalie Michaels

The Last Girl - Audiobook

The Last Girl - Audiobook

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Who knew collecting Keys could be this lethal

Jacob was a soft-spoken boy. Jack kidnapped women. They were the same person. 

When Michelle’s car didn’t want to start that fateful night, she asked for help in a nearby pub. Little did she realize the man helping her was the same person who had taken her friend a month earlier. 

Now that Michelle found herself in the kidnapper’s home, she took it upon herself to rescue her friend and all the girls Jack had taken. 

But would her efforts be enough, or would she find herself another victim in Jack’s house of horrors? 

Gripping, poignant, packed with unforgettable characters and a dark twist.


This audiobook is narrated using AI technology.

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Chapter 11987
The Cabin

The quiet evening pierced my ears. Carefully, I climbed out of the water and onto the wooden deck without making a sound. I exhaled silently as I monitored the couple fast asleep in the boat. Tiptoeing on the wooden deck, I was careful not to stand on a creaking plank and when I reached the door, Katie stirred in the boat, mumbling someone’s name. I opened the door, testing to ensure it didn’t moan the wider I opened it, and slipped out.
I traversed the dark path to the house and entered. Leaving the lights off, I navigated my way around the living room, kitchen, until finally upstairs. I entered the main bedroom and found his suitcase again. Flipping through his wallet, I found what I was looking for and headed back down to the kitchen. Their food remained on the counter, waiting for them to enjoy, and I opened the pantry door.
Once done, I slipped out the front door and found a place hidden in shadows where I could see most of the house and waited. I heard cars driving on the ID-75 entering and exiting Ketchum and was grateful they were a distance away and wouldn’t see me or my vehicle from the road.
It was ten at night by the time Katie and her friend staggered up the path, switching on lights as they entered the house and headed for the kitchen. Katie warmed their dinner while her friend sat at the table, waiting for her to serve him.
The itch at the back of my neck started up again, but I didn’t scratch. I just rubbed the offending area and waited.
Katie dished food onto their plates and sat beside him. My body heated as I watched him eat. All was fine for a few seconds and then… he grabbed his throat. His eyes widened in horror. Red blotches formed on his face and neck. His face started swelling, along with one side of his neck. He pushed away from the table, stood up, then doubled over as if trying to expel whatever was lodged in his throat.
Katie was there to slap him on his back, but nothing helped.
Nothing would help him.
The man pointed to the stairs and then to his neck. Katie nodded and frantically ran upstairs.
Moments later, she returned, shaking her head. “There’s nothing there,” she cried.
Shock flashed in his eyes. He collapsed onto his knees, then fell on his chest and face, unmoving.
Katie dashed around, looking for something, but there was nothing that could help him. She fell to her knees and moved him onto his back so she could proceed with CPR, but his throat had already closed, shutting off all his air supply.
From where I stood, his face and neck had swollen to the point where his cheeks were red, round and puffy, and his eyes had bulged. While his fat lips had started turning purple.
After about ten minutes, Katie sat back on her haunches, crying into her hands.
I dropped the epinephrine injection on the ground and crushed it with my boot heel. Pushing through the branches, I approached the cabin with purpose and entered through the front door.
Katie flinched when she saw me and stood up. “Jacob, what are you doing here?” She asked, glancing nervously at me and then at her friend on the floor.
“I thought you might need some help,” I said mysteriously and crossed the threshold. My clothing was still damp, and I left wet marks everywhere I stepped.
Katie backed up, glancing at me and the body. “We need to call for help,” she stammered, “could you—”
“No,” I yelled, shutting her up. “No more, Katie,” I snapped. “You’ve been playing me for years. No more.” I pulled the box out of my pocket and placed it gently on the counter. “I’ve had this for a while, waiting for the right moment to give it to you. To ask for your hand in marriage. Ever since that day in the barn, I’ve loved you more than anything else. I would’ve given you the world, anything, and everything you ever wanted. But,” I paused for effect and stared into her sad, blue eyes, “you’ve made it perfectly clear where I stand with you.”

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