Hello from South Africa

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Immortal Legacies - Night Hunter

A vampire going on vacation was unheard of. Yet, Declan was adamant he needed to get away to think about the future awaiting him back in the US.

His destination, an affluent suburb in South Africa where he met a mysterious woman he couldn't stop thinking about and did everything in his power to gain her trust.

But, instead of enjoying himself, a demon was killing the women he fed on, putting everyone's life in danger.

Declan knew who had hired the demon, but could he give them what they wanted? And was he prepared for his ever after?

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Once You Go Shifter - Wolf

Claire loved coffee and the only place she bought from was owned by a wolf. The problem was she hated shifters. But that wouldn't stop her from coming into Jason's shop and buying his coffee.

When Claire's perfect day ended in disaster, the only person offering her help was the very same wolf she despised.

Could Jason help Claire in time or would he lose her forever?

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I’m the last of my kind and hunted. 


They killed my protector, drove me out of my home, and now I have nowhere to go. During my escape, the hunters injured me. No longer able to fly, I stumbled upon a cabin in the woods seeking help. The man I met wasn’t happy to see a naked woman with hunters hounding her. All I wanted was medical attention and some food.

All I wanted was to live my life in isolation and enjoy my retirement in peace. But then a naked woman approached from deep within the forest, needing my help. I knew I shouldn’t help her, she would only bring trouble. The men after her would arrive soon, and I should chase her away. But I couldn’t.

Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance

paperback (available from most stores)

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