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Ulysses Exposed

Blaire is rescued by a vampire and a were-leopard following a vicious attack, and they help her piece her life back together again.

Voodoo Priest

Blaire and Ralph are tasked with bringing down the latest monster that plagues Sterling Meadow. While her relationship with Sebastian develops.

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Blaire's journey continues

The Hunter

He thought he planned the perfect murder.

She thought they were still in love.

Creature Features

These 3 creatures visit you in your dreams, caress your fears with long talons, and edge you on to dark shadows.
And they only have three things on their mind; blood, flesh, and death.

What's for Dinner?

A collection of Short Stories for your light horror reading



N Gray is a South African author living in Cape Town.

Her first three books are collections of short stories.


And her latest is a series centering around Blaire Thorne, an assassin who hunts and kills the monsters in Sterling Meadow.

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