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Nightcrawler: The prequel novella to the Dana Mulder Suspense Series (Book 4) Ebook

Nightcrawler: The prequel novella to the Dana Mulder Suspense Series (Book 4) Ebook

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It started with a support group and ended in murder...

When the people responsible for killing someone you love is set free, how far would you go to get justice? Travis Green has already gotten away with murder. Can he encourage those who trust him to do the unthinkable? To partake in revenge killings that can only lead to a never-ending cycle of murder and revenge?

One support group.

Six strangers.

Six lost loved ones.

These strangers form a bond so strong they formulate the perfect plan to assist each other avenge those they have lost. Everything was going perfectly.

Until Travis meets

A fast-paced thriller with unforgettable characters and spine-chilling suspense. NIGHTCRAWLER is part of a gripping complete series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.


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Chapter 1Four Years Earlier

I thumbed off the radio and opened my window halfway to eavesdrop on Nails’s and Poison’s conversation. Poison was the President of the Savages Motorcycle Club in Chicago and Nails his second in command. They stood one house from where I had parked my car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear a word, as they spoke in low, hushed tones, and I was too far away. While they spoke, I scrutinized their appearance; their weathered leather jackets had seen better days, but the patch in the middle of their backs was still in pristine condition. The aged helmets in their hands had various painted evil graphics, and I doubted it protected their heads much. But they were bad and one of the more dangerous clubs around, and I didn’t care much if they fell off their bikes. They were a law unto their own, and I knew some cops were in their pocket, while the others looked the other way. From what I knew, they were into weapons and drugs and possibly used women as currency. But that’s not why I was watching them.

In the rearview mirror, I saw Mikey approach and sat straighter in the seat. He realized the two bikers were on his path and kept glancing at them as he hurriedly crossed to the other side of the road instead. With a steady pace, he passed the corner shop, eyes averted and shoulders slumped.

“What are you doing, Mikey?” I mumbled to myself. He gave the bikers a wide berth, making it painfully obvious he was avoiding them.

Nails noticed Mikey and yelled at him to come to them.

Mikey ignored Nails and entered the next open shop.

Poison squeezed Nails’s shoulder, nodding in affirmation, then turned to go in the opposite direction, passing my vehicle.
Nails pocketed items I couldn’t discern and ran across the street.

Once Poison had passed and was too busy thumbing his phone to notice me, I climbed out my car. “Shit,” I said when I saw Nails enter the same shop as Mikey. I slammed shut my car door and, not bothering to lock it, followed them.

Once I reached the shop, I pretended to be interested in the items in the window display. When I was positive Nails was nowhere near the front of the store, I entered and greeted the man behind the counter then approached the far-right aisle. I browsed the shelves and stared at labels but read none of them. In the far left-hand corner, I heard Nails, his voice raised and menacing, then it went quiet. I stopped at the end of the aisle and slowly peered through the items on the shelf to my left, edging closer until I could see them without being seen myself.

Nails had his meaty paw around Mikey’s neck, whose face was screaming in silent agony. “You hear me, boy?” Nails yelled, releasing Mikey.

His loud words made me flinch.

Nails pushed Mikey against the wall and opened the fridge door to grab beers then headed toward the exit.

I bunched my hands into fists, pushing down vengeful thoughts; I would make him hurt later. Tears slid down Mikey’s cheeks, which he quickly wiped away and scanned the shop for any witnesses to his moment of weakness.

“Don’t you say a fucking thing, or you’re next!” Nails screamed at the cowering person behind the counter while carrying a six-pack of beer under one arm and grabbing items off the counter and stuffing them in his pockets. “You’re donating this to me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir. It’s yours, whatever you want. Take.” The man stared at the floor, not looking the biker in the eyes.

I thought it was smart for the man to just let the asshole be, unless the cashier had a gun behind the counter, which I doubted. This was a safe neighborhood.

“Thanks, dickhead,” Nails said before leaving the shop. He turned around and yelled, “If you don’t start selling what I give you, I will fuck you up then go after your grandmother and that little sister of yours. You hear me, boy?”

“Yes, Nails,” Mikey said, his voice quivering.

I could only imagine what Mikey was picturing, how that disgusting man would hurt them. It would’ve been so easy for me to get rid of him right here and now. But I wanted to do painful things to Nails and wanted the moment to last, to witness the horror in his eyes as I took my time with him. It would bring me tremendous joy to wipe that smug look off his face—permanently.

I hung back in the shop until Mikey had composed himself and exited. I slapped a bill on the counter to pay for the items Nails had borrowed.

The frightened shopkeeper burst into tears. “Thank you, mister, thank you. What is your name?”

“Green. Just call me Mr. Green.” Not having the stomach to console him, I left the shop and followed Mikey.

On my left, Nails crossed the road, climbed onto his bike and drove off, revving it as he went along. To my right, Mikey was already a block away. I followed him for four more blocks, then, when he entered his house on the corner, I hung back and waited. When a car turned the corner and parked in the house's driveway Mikey had entered, I ducked between the two houses, hiding my body behind the wall and a bush.

Cheryl climbed out, carrying groceries, and used her foot to close her car door. “Mikey, are you home yet, dear?”

“I’m here.” Mikey ran down the stairs, helped his grandmother unload the groceries and carried bags inside for her.

Once they were inside, I left my hiding spot and returned to my car.

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