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Murder of Crows (An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure) Audiobook 2

Murder of Crows (An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure) Audiobook 2

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River, the man Scout loved, disappeared after they destroyed the Mask of Immortality.

Distraught with the loss, Scout tried to move forward but could not. Until her father, Victor, found River’s whereabouts.

The problem? Only Scout could go there, leaving her to fend for herself.

The place… a town in Antarctica where strange creatures lived.

She found River working in a bar, but he had no memory of her and he’s dying. To restore what they took from him, they need to find Mother Nature who had been missing for centuries.

Join Scout and River as they adventure into unchartered worlds beneath the land and fight in a war between good and evil.

Meet Scout, a half-breed who extracted souls with her hands, and wielded her father's powers. But being a child of the Lord of the Underworld didn't come without its challenges.



This audiobook is narrated using AI technology.

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Chapter 1“What do you mean Antarctica?” I said, not understand how River arrived there or who had left him there. He had disappeared while we were in the Underworld. Him being in Antarctica made little sense.
“The same reason, Scout,” Dad said with a hint of sarcasm. “The person responsible for wanting me dead wanted River out of the way.”
“But why?”
“Because together, he and I are stronger.”
I pursed my lips. Someone wanted my father dead, and it wasn’t just the assistant. Someone had hired the assistant to do his dirty work for him. I shook my head in shame. I’d been so focused on River and his disappearance that I didn’t ask Victor if he ever found out who had started it all.
“Do you know who tried to destroy you?”
Mom stood closer, folding her arms across her chest. She stood to my left and slightly in front of me in a protection stance. I didn’t think she wanted me to leave with Victor again, and suspected every time he visited a trigger reaction occurred and she became a fussy mother hen over me. I didn’t blame her. Each time he took me away from her, it was for long periods of time.
“I thought you said you shared your power with River and now with me. Do we take power away from you, or does it just double?” I needed to understand what Vic meant and the only way was to ask like a five-year-old.
Victor rounded his shoulders, and his eyes flitted from Ralph to Mom, and then to me. He exhaled a breath, and I suspected he’d filled that sigh with annoyance.
“I’ve never shared this with anyone,” he said gravely, staring down at me with intense eyes. “And if either of you,” — he pointed at Mom and Ralph, — “say a word to anyone, I will destroy you.”
“Stop threatening my family,” I said, lowering his hand. “Nobody will say anything. Now tell us.” I was about to roll my eyes when Dad’s features turned sinisterly and then returned to his devilish human demeanor.
“Whomever I share my power with doubles my power, and when we use it together, it’s that much more powerful. My brothers and sisters hate I can do this because none of them can.”
“You mean they can’t share their powers with anyone?” I asked, intrigued.
“No,” Vic said, his shoulders dropping slightly. “And because of this, I always have a target on my back.”
“Would your family hurt you?” Mom asked.
“Definitely. Seth tried to kill me when I was an infant. Our sister almost drowned me. But the point is, it could be either of them or something else entirely who used the Mask of Immortality on me. And now they have River…” he fell silent for a moment. His metallic armor twinkled as the shadows from the branches and leaves moved across his chest like ghostly fingers trying to touch him.
The waterfall in the distance slapped harder against the water's surface, pulling my attention away from Victor. I leaned on my left leg and peered around Father’s broad shoulders and black wings, and flinched.
A mermaid sat beneath the spray of the waterfall and washed his body. He had long, knotted hair and large, dark eyes. When he glanced up, he smiled; his large mouth was filled with sharp teeth, and he blew a kiss before diving into the water.
“Scout?” Victor said, pulling me back into the present.
“Yeah?” I glanced up and smiled.
Victor glanced over his shoulder. “What are you looking at?”
“Just the mermaid who was there.” I pointed at the spot where he was.
“Don’t antagonize the water creatures, they don’t play fair.” He warned. “Anyway, you need to go to Antarctica—”
“No,” Mom said, with anger in her voice. “I forbid it.”
“Mom,” I said, crossing the distance between us and wrapping my arms around her waist. “I’ll be fine. You know I’ll be fine. I have to go.”
“Why can’t you go?” she asked Victor, ignoring me, but she still put her arms around my shoulders and squeezed me tightly against her body.
“You know, I don’t do well with humans or other supernaturals.”
Mom snorted. “Yeah, true, especially with your temper tantrums.”
I glanced up to see Dad’s features morph into his more evil look, and then he calmed down.
“See, you can’t even handle my sarcasm.”
“Exactly, Blaire, I have demons who do the dirty work for me.”
“Does that include your own daughter—”
She patted my shoulder. “It’s okay, honey. The adults are having a conversation.”
I pushed away from her and stood beside Dad.
“You know she wants to find River, so I’m giving her the opportunity. If I send my demons out to find him, they always cause chaos. The last thing we need is another war between us or worse, they kill River. This way, if Scout goes by herself, she’ll do so quietly.”
“I’ll be okay, Mom, I promise.” I smiled, but she wasn’t looking at me. She was glaring daggers at Dad.
“I hate this, Scout. You aren’t ready to do all this by yourself.”
“I know you want to keep me safe, but you know I can handle anything that comes my way.”
She glanced at me, cocking her head to the side, and raised an eyebrow.
“If you aren’t back by the end of the week, we’ll join you and phone me every single day, or I’m flying out there to help you.”
“Fine,” I said. But what I didn’t say was I’d do anything not to have her in my face while trying to do something on my own. My mom meant well, but sometimes her love smothered me.
She gave me a long hug and kissed my cheek. Ralph hugged me too and patted the top of my head; I swiped his hand away before he could do that a second time.
“Ready?” Dad asked, holding out his elbow for me to take.
“Sure,” I took his arm, and we walked together toward the lagoon. We approached the lapping water when three heads popped up, each mermaid smiling. But instead of entering the water, we stepped out onto snow.

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