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Lady Killer Audiobook

Lady Killer Audiobook

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Ophelia cleaned crime scenes for a living and unfortunately business was booming. But when she discovered something the killer left behind at one of the scenes, it put her and her daughter’s lives in danger.

Now the killer had her in his sights.

When a man asked her out on a date, she couldn’t help but wonder whether he’s the killer they’d been looking for or if his intentions were pure.

Lady Killer is a stand-alone thriller, exploring parts of South Africa you’ve never read before, and promises to keep you on edge.


This audiobook is narrated using AI technology.

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Chapter 1The man watched her through the restaurant window.
She nervously tucked strands of hair behind her ear while ordering a drink with the server.
Her smile captivated him. Affection blossomed in his chest as he hoped that this time she’d be different. She had to be. This time, she’d choose him. Even in their correspondence, she spoke with respect and kindness. She seemed different in her own special way.
She smiled at the server, and he couldn’t help but smile at her.
Yes! She was different.
The man pinched the stem between his index finger and thumb; the thorn tearing his skin. He sucked the tiny wound and broke off the thorn, dropping it on the sidewalk.
He inhaled and opened the door.
She glanced his way when he entered the restaurant and her smile widened when her eyes flitted from his face to the single red rose in his hands. Her expression brightened when she looked at his face again.
The last couple of weeks, the man had only given her snippets of his true self; a close up of his winning smile, his powerful hands, or his eyes, but never his face. He waited for this moment when he presented himself to her as one charismatic package.
It thrilled the man to watch her smile broaden when she realized it was him; he was the man she’d been speaking with, sharing parts of her heart and her dreams of the future.
Yes, this one was different and he would enjoy every moment with her.
The man approached her table, not once taking his eyes off her. His heart had a steady beat, and hands were warm and dry.
“Hi,” she said shyly. “After all this time, I’m glad we’re finally meeting.”
The time he’d taken from first contact until they met was done with precision and reason. He needed her wanting more. And he never rushed into a first date.
“You are more beautiful than your pictures,” he said in a low baritone, watching his date blush. He proffered a hand. She reached for him. For a moment, time stood still. She didn't want to let go when he tried to remove his hand.
She swallowed hard as she raked her gaze down his body. Her thin lips curling upwards at the sides.
He reveled in the chase and was only getting started.
The man sat across from her, staring intently as she browsed the menu. His eyes flitted from her face to the menu cover depicting a map of tunnels beneath Cape Town. A tunnel that ran below this restaurant and used by tourists.
“Have you found something you’d like to eat?” he asked, glancing at the menu he knew well. He always ordered the same meal; medium rare steak with a baked potato.
“I’m thinking of having the pasta,” she added, placing the menu on the table.
“Before I forget, this is yours,” he said, handing her the long-stemmed red rose.
“It’s beautiful.” She graciously took the rose from him and smelled the petals. “When I saw you standing there with the rose, I knew it was you.”
His smile reached his eyes, no doubt settling his date’s nerves, and she visibly relaxed.
“I thought it would give me brownie points.” He grinned and winked.
“It did.” She giggled elegantly.
“Good,” he said, glancing around for the server. “I’m thinking of a bottle of red. It should go well with your pasta.”
His date nodded her approval, not taking her eyes off him.
The man gave the server their order. While they waited, they continued their playful banter.
They enjoyed a glass of wine when the server returned with the bottle; which loosened the shy woman’s tongue and made her cheeks glow; her telltale sign that perhaps she didn’t drink often, but the man knew not to give her too much. He wanted her consent. She had to feel as if she was in control and he needed the chase to be real.
Their food orders arrived and their conversation remained pleasant, keeping the woman comfortable in his company.
Then, once they had eaten dessert and drank their coffee, he tenderly reached for her hand.
“Would you like to get out of here, beautiful?” he asked. His warm smile putting her at ease. “A woman as fine as you deserves the intimate touch of being spoiled by me,” he said, adding extra charm, followed by a cocky smile.
She nodded shyly. Her cheeks were still red, but the effect of the wine was long out of her system.
The man grinned, pulled notes from his pocket and placed it on the table when the bill arrived. “That should cover it,” he said, holding out his hand which she took without hesitation. He pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her slender shoulder.
She huddled into him, enjoying his embrace.
In today’s world, some women still blindly trusted men. They thought they knew someone because they messaged daily with a man through a dating app or spoke with them over the phone. Then, when they met them in real life, they assumed they could trust the man.
Some women thought that by conversing with a man, they understood them; knew their habits, wants, and needs.
But they didn’t.
It was easy for the man to sit behind his desk, his fingers dancing across his keyboard as he laid the deceitful trap and waited for his unsuspecting victim.
And the fun was only beginning.

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