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Chasing Evil: A Suspense Thriller (The Dana Mulder Suspense Audiobook 3)

Chasing Evil: A Suspense Thriller (The Dana Mulder Suspense Audiobook 3)

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Travis is bent on keeping Dana as his trophy, but the tables have turned and she's hunting him...

Travis is still after her. His cat and mouse game will never end until one of them is dead. All she knows is it's time to take back her life.

Who will survive?

A fast-paced thriller with unforgettable characters and spine-chilling suspense. CHASING EVIL is part of a gripping complete series that will leave you listening late into the night.


This audiobook is narrated using AI technology.

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Chapter 1The hard concrete beneath my bruised body was awful. When I tried to move onto my side, my hips digging into the ground was not pleasant. I gave up on trying to get comfortable and rolled onto my back even though my spine and shoulders ached.

As to what had happened—he did. As much as I wanted to forget everything—I couldn’t. The memories were still fresh in my mind, like a bitter pill I kept choking on.

My tongue stuck to my palate when I swallowed, and I craved an ice-cold glass of water. Slowly I sat up. My surroundings were dark and unknown. There were iron bars for walls, with the night sky for a ceiling. Behind me was a large house at least three stories high made mostly from glass than brick or wood. The second story had a large balcony, and when I rocked onto my tiptoes, I could discern a bar area to the side with the doors wide open. Someone was home and had left me here—in a freakin’ cage like one would keep a large animal. In front of me was a yard of sorts; I wasn’t quite sure what kind of yard, but it was large. I couldn’t tell where the wall began and the trees ended it was so vast. I mostly saw shadows and outlines of trees, with another building in the distance. 

My cage contained no luxuries. The floor was concrete with dark spots I could only assume was body fluids from those before me. I imagined the state those poor people had been in when they were brought here, awaiting their ultimate demise—their bodies bruised and their minds broken. It wasn’t the law that had brought them here or any medieval knight but six people who lived the vigilante lifestyle, but instead of bringing the guilty to justice, they held their own court where the person was only guilty in their eyes. Handing down a death sentence to all by way of a sport; with the wide-open spaces, I imagined the person running for their life with nowhere to go. Only the fastest could survive for long, but the ultimate price was with their life. I supposed the resulting end would be welcomed after spending time with those six.

Shivering, I hugged myself tighter. My teeth chattered when a wind caressed my skin as I looked for a way out of my situation. I flinched at the voice behind me.

“Dana …” His voice was so deep I could feel it in my bones. He exhaled. “My god, you were hard to catch.” Before, he’d always worn a mask, which distorted his voice, but now, I could hear the real him, and I knew who he was—I could recognize that voice anywhere.

I turned in his direction and rubbed my arms for warmth. “You!”

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