Shifters Ever After now in KU

Shifters Ever After now in KU

Shifters Ever After published 7th June 2022 and is now available to read in Kindle Unlimited.

There are over 1300 pages for you to escape reality and go along for a journey of tantalizing tales with Wolves, Lions, Dragons, Bears, oh my, and so many more.



I headed towards the only available seat in a corner at the bar and, as I was about to sit, a curvy pint-sized woman stole the seat and called the barman over.

I growled.

The woman slowly glanced up, pushing her glasses up her nose. Her dark blue eyes twinkled with humor. She brushed strands of hair that had fallen out of her bun off her shoulders and ordered a drink.

“You’re in my seat?” I said, moving between her and the other patron, and leaned against the bar counter.

She glanced at the floor, lifted her butt one cheek at a time, then turned to me, narrowing her eyes. “There’s no name on the chair.” She finished her retort with a wave of her hand, shooing me away.

I stared dumbstruck at this tiny thing with a big attitude and bunched my hands into fists, but I wouldn’t hit her. I hit no one, let alone a woman, unnecessarily. I would hit back if a woman hit me first; just not as hard.

When the bartender set her neat whiskey on the bar, I grabbed the glass and downed the contents.

“Hey!” she moaned, turning in the seat to look at me. “That was mine.”

Once the honey liquid burned down my throat, I lifted the glass to see underneath. “There’s no name, so I guess it could be anybody’s.”

**Lee is more paranormal romance with tons of action

Heat level (1 out of 5):🌶️


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