Happy 2024

Happy 2024


My Xmas was a quiet one with the family. We ate way too much food and watched Home Alone 2. We aren't big on presents for the adults. My daughter was obviously spoiled. I received a cover for my Kindle which I love; it came just in time since I read while I'm on the treadmill at gym, this way it keeps it safe if I were to drop it (well, hopefully).

Then my best friend and I went to Room-Els with her mom for some sightseeing and a lunch. While we were at the beach someone lost their inflatable unicorn. It didn't help that the wind was terrible and blew the inflatable animal out to sea. If anyone sees it across the world, send it back...😄

Then, my New Years celebrations were quiet... I read, ate, watched tv, and tried to sleep - there were tons of singing and loud music happening here.

And I'll spend the rest of my day editing the latest book I'm working on.

Here's to a wonderful 2024!! 🥂🍾

I hope your year is everything you need it to be...😊

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