Blaire Thorne

Dark Adult Urban Fantasy

If you like a kick-butt heroine, mystery, and a little bit of romance, then you'll love this plot-twisting series.

"If you’re interested in a pleasant paranormal read, and like series, this book’s a great start! It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but that’s what series do....drag you into the next book whether you want to go or not! I’m all in."

"The book begins with our kick-butt heroine in an alley bleeding out from grievous wounds. When she wakes up she has no memory who she is or what she can do. This author's writing reminded me of Faith Hunter, and Laurell K Hamilton two of my favorite writers now I have three! I did not want to put this book down and when it did come to the ending I was just disappointed because I wanted more..."

"Not one book published as chapters. Not books without a satisfactory conclusion. I thought this complex adventure was as good as TrueBlood. And the ending was perfectly written, a satisfactory ending that really wasn’t. Well worth reading and I enjoyed it muchly!"

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Dana Mulder Suspense Thrillers


(wide release)

first released with the Notorious Minds Boxset

It started with a support group and ended in murder...

When the people responsible for killing someone you love is set free, how far would you go to get justice? Travis Green has already gotten away with murder. Can he encourage those who trust him to do the unthinkable? To partake in revenge killings that can only lead to a never-ending cycle of murder and revenge?

One support group.

Six strangers.

Six lost loved ones.

These strangers form a bond so strong they formulate the perfect plan to assist each other avenge those they have lost. Everything was going perfectly.

Until Travis meets 

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As a Private Investigator, Dana's cases are usually easy, but every once in awhile her cases are entwined with suspicion, murder, and lies. And has to join forces with the police to solve them.

Can she solve the mystery before another body is found, and before she becomes the target of a savage maniac intent on making her his.

Thrills & Scares Collection

They visit you in your dreams, caress your fears with long talons, and edge you on to dark shadows.

Read if you dare...

From werewolves to witches and even a grumpy vampire; three creatures of the night and their thrilling tales.

If you love occult horror and suspense, then you'll love Creature Features.

From Vikings to Mayan temples to an isle in Scotland. Three monster tales with deadly consequences...

If you love Kaiju monsters or HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, then you'll love Monster Features.

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