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Wolf Retreat: A Paranormal Romance with Bite! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 1) Ebook

Wolf Retreat: A Paranormal Romance with Bite! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 1) Ebook

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Two problems, one retreat


Carmen's problem: Her pack's about to be destroyed by a rogue pack intent on claiming all their females. Their only recourse? To attend a retreat where alphas meet their forever mate. They're hoping to find an alpha who would protect them from danger.

Shawn's problem: After three years, he still hadn’t found his fated mate. When a friend suggested a Wolf Retreat, it piqued his interest enough to attend. Hopefully, one female stirred his inner beast into claiming her, or doom him to loneliness with the possibility of losing his pack.

The retreat: When Shawn saw Carmen, the dark-haired beauty with bright green eyes, sparks flew. He knew she was the one and would do everything in his power to protect her, even if it meant fighting to the death.

Wolf Retreat is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance 

Heat level (3 out of 5):🌶️🌶️🌶️


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Chapter 1Carmen

I packed my bag with more than enough clothing to last two weeks instead of the required five days. Gina would arrive soon, and then we’d be off for a retreat. The thought of taking a few days off sounded great, but we wouldn’t be taking it easy, we had work to do.
We needed to find a new alpha to lead our pack before the rogue pack captured and separated the remaining wolves. The threats we’d received since they’d killed John, our alpha, were insurmountable. What set us all on edge? They wanted our females.
The knuckles rapping on my front door pulled me from my thoughts. I unlocked and opened my front door to greet Gina, who wore an expression matching my own; disbelief, panic, with a hint of petrified.
“Are you ready?” She asked carefully and stepped inside.
“As ready as I’ll ever be. Do you know if they have hairdryers? You know I need to tame this mane of mine.” I didn’t feel like discussing the elephant in the room and would rather focus on mundane topics as I combed my fingers through my freshly blowdried hair.
My question brought a thin smile to her face and her eyes twinkled before reverting to that shocked state.
“They even have beds, lights, and food. Can you imagine?” She gasped. “And we don’t have to gather our own meals.”
I slapped her shoulder. “Come in, Miss Sarcasm. Let me grab my stuff so we can get going.” I left Gina in the kitchen while I went to my bedroom.
Paper being unwrapped echoed in my quaint apartment, followed by loud chewing, then a pop.
“I’m amazed your jaw isn’t square from chewing all day every day,” I said as I slung the strap of my duffle bag over my shoulder.
“You’re so funny,” she said as she chewed open-mouthed.
I narrowed my eyes. “You look like a cow, at least close your mouth. How are you going to find anyone chewing like that?” The moment the words left my mouth, I regretted it and shook my head. “I’m sorry.” I cautiously approached her. She batted my hand away, spit her bubble gum in my sink, and walked across the open-plan kitchen/lounge area toward the front door.
“You’re right,” she said sadly. “It’s a habit I need to correct.” Her voice sounded small and hurt, and my chest ached.
“I’m sorry, I really am. I shouldn’t have said that.” I exhaled a shaky breath.
Gina rocked the plain-Jane-look with a striking difference; her honey-colored hair glittered. It looked like silver flecks shimmered in her hair depending on how the sunlight caught it. Her father was a purebred wolf while her mother was fae. Their relationship was volatile as one imagined, yet they made it work. While they moved North with their pack, Gina had settled with me, her wolf-bestie, in my hometown Krystal Creek and joined our tiny wolf pack.
“Come, let’s start over.” I forced a smile even though it wavered at the sides. I did not feel brave and doubted Gina did too.
Gina removed the pack of gum from her pocket and threw it on my coffee table with a loud thud. “I quit,” she announced. “From today on, no more gum. It will be hard, but I have to. I know what I look like chewing,” she said, her smile genuine, and it reached her hazel-colored eyes.
I was so proud of her, she’d come so far. It was easy for Gina to become hooked on whichever substance was available, whether it was cigarettes, alcohol, or narcotics. Being a were-wolf meant she had to consume copious amounts before she felt anything, and then she’d double that amount and then some.
She’d progressed through all the substances and gave them up, and was now chewing bubblegum like her life depended on it. In some ways it was, she was afraid she’d relapse and start drinking again. With everything that was going on, perhaps having a shot of alcohol now and again would help. But I didn’t want to mess with her sobriety. Come to think of it. I didn’t think it was a good idea for her to stop chewing bubblegum.
“Are you sure? You might need it?” I picked up the pack of gum and slipped it in my pocket while Gina remained silent. “How about we do this, I’ll keep the pack and if you feel you need it, I’ll give you one. Then you spit it out once you’ve had your fix.”
She grinned and gave a curt nod. “Fine, now let’s go. I think the moment we’re on the road these butterflies in my stomach will go away,” she groaned, rubbing her tummy.
I threw my duffel bag into the back seat of her car beside her bag and climbed into the passenger seat. Gina pressed the Start button and her Audi roared to life. She did well for herself and contributed toward our pack. Where she thrived in the corporate world, hiding her true wolf-self, I preferred working in solitude as a freelance graphic designer from the comfort of my home. I made enough to get by, with a small savings for rainy days, but that was it. I didn’t need a car since everything I needed was here. Our pack was so small everyone lived together in one large apartment building. If I needed to go anywhere, I caught a ride with Gina. I didn’t know what I’d do without her. She’s my bestie and we’d come a long way since we were young.
I thought of John and how he had brought everybody under one roof to protect us, like a father would. Although he was gone, we still had each other.
But now… now we had nobody powerful enough within our pack to protect us.
“I didn’t know what music you felt like listening to, so I just downloaded a bunch of oldies,” Gina said, bringing me out of my reverie. “Our destination is two hours away toward those mountains.” She pointed at the ominous mountain range surrounding our small town. “There should be enough music to last us the trip.”
If we traveled West, we’d hit Sterling Meadow, another town but much bigger than Krystal Creek and with a much larger Wolf Pack. They would be our last hope if we didn’t succeed in the next five days. A retreat where alphas from all over the country convened in one location, spent time with females up for the challenge, and hopefully half walked away with their fated mate. Whether Gina and I would find our alpha, we could only pray.
We continued our journey in silence. The radio played her music, but I doubted she heard any of it. I barely caught the words of any songs as I stared out the window, watching nature blur past us as we wound our way through the mountainous road.
The thought of our small pack being ripped apart left a hollow feeling in my stomach. I didn’t want to move away, Krystal Creek had been my home since I was a teenager. And John had been like a father to me when my own parents had abandoned me. The possibility of leaving hung around my neck like a noose. If I failed the rope would tighten its hold on me.
Our pack was small compared to others; we were thirty wolves, but only ten were male. But none old or dominant enough to be our alpha. Of the twenty females, most were under the age of eighteen.
When the rogue wolf pack attacked our clubhouse and killed John, they gave us ten days to replace him and fight JT, their alpha. We couldn’t allow this rogue pack to win again. They had indicated they wanted our girls. They needed our females to continue their bloodlines. We would have to endure another fight to the death and if they won, again, we had to give up our rights and agree to join their pack.
Since Gina and I were the oldest, we had offered to attend this retreat to save our pack. Attending this retreat was important. A matter of life or death. And we had to make it work.

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