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Wolf: A Paranormal Romance That Bites! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 8) Ebook

Wolf: A Paranormal Romance That Bites! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 8) Ebook

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Coffee brought them together, a bite could tear them apart.


Claire loved coffee and the only place she bought from was owned by a wolf. The problem was she hated shifters. But that wouldn't stop her from coming into Jason's shop and buying his coffee.

When Claire's perfect day ended in disaster, the only person offering her help was the very same wolf she despised.

Could Jason help Claire in time or would he lose her forever?

Wolf is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance 

Heat level (3 out of 5):🌶️🌶️🌶️


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Chapter 1Claire

Today was going to be a great day—I could feel it. Everything was going to go my way. I’d woken on the right side of the bed. My makeup was just right, and my hair was behaving. I was ready to start my Friday with a spring in my step. My bosses had started a new case and said I could join them if I wanted to. But I’d first see how much admin still needed finishing before joining them.
My jeans slipped over my hips and butt without effort or needing to suck in my stomach; the latest exercise routine I’d started was working. I’d lost some weight, although I still had a few pounds to go. I’d gained some muscle and hadn’t felt better in years. I never thought my late thirties were going to be this hard, and was dreading my forties, even though it was only three years away.
The only thing that could upset me today was the awfully long queue outside my favorite coffee shop. I grumbled to myself when I stood behind a man speaking to someone on his phone, writing down the list of coffee orders. This was going to take forever.
Unfortunately, I was as mundane as humans came and couldn’t freeze the line, so I could cut in front. I’d have to wait like the rest for my delicious cappuccino.
There were other coffee shops in Sterling Meadow, but this one I loved. Their coffees were smooth, rich, and mouth-watering. I only had one tiny addiction—coffee. I wasn’t a connoisseur, per se, but I liked what I liked. And this coffee was the absolute best; magnifique, as the French would say.
The line moved, and I was finally inside the shop. Peering around the shoulders of the man in front of me, I glimpsed at the counter. I moaned inwardly and hoped the owner didn’t see me. Not that I didn’t like Jason; he was gorgeous to look at, but… there was always a but. He was a wolf. An alpha were-wolf part of Shawn’s pack. And he owned the best freaking coffee in town. What alpha wolf, in his right mind, did that? A man like him should be out doing wolf stuff, not mess with my coffee, or bake the best muffins. Yet, it was his coffee I craved and bought daily.
“Claire!” boomed his voice from behind the counter. “Your order is ready.”
If this was any other coffee shop, I’d gladly smile and head over to the front, passing all the waiting suckers. But this was Jason’s coffee shop, and I’d hoped he wasn’t in today. The moon was full last night, and his kind usually hunted all night and slept all day. But he wasn’t sleeping. No, not this man. He had to be in his shop, staring right at me.
I didn’t like him much. But I wanted my coffee more. I sucked up my ego, avoided eye contact with the other patrons as I passed them, and headed for the counter.
I felt Jason’s dark gaze rake over my body, and I wanted to squirm. When I glanced up, his smiling blue eyes penetrated mine, and I touched my clothing instinctively—I still had my clothing on and nobody else was watching me. It was only Jason’s intense stare, making me feel this way.
Jason wasn’t drop-dead-drool-all-over-yourself kind of gorgeous; he was ruggedly handsome. He had a slightly crooked nose, a scar on his chin which was hidden beneath his short brown beard, and one ear was slightly pointy at the top. I may have been staring at him for longer than necessary, but then again, he was staring back.
And he was a were-wolf.
I couldn’t say for sure when I started hating were-wolves. I just did. They smelled like the earth, powerfully built, and most of them exuded dominant sex pheromones that tested my ovaries.
My core spasmed, and I shoved that feeling down and glowered at Jason when he approached the counter with a delectable smile.
“I didn’t order yet,” I said softly so only his super ears heard.
“After all these months you’ve been coming into my coffee shop, you’d think I wouldn’t know your order by now?” he asked rhetorically, pushed the takeaway cup and bag filled with two warm chocolate muffins that oozed chocolate bits my way. His large, powerful hands lingered on my items. The muscles on his tanned forearms bunched. I wondered if he was testing me and whether I’d touch his hands when I took my order from him.
My mouth watered. I wanted. Give me. Now. My anger dissolved on my tongue, and I fished for the money.
I flinched when an enormous hand touched mine. My gaze travelled up his muscular forearm until I reached his pleasantly smiling face.
“My treat,” he said with a gruff, masculine voice.
“I don’t want to owe you anything,” I said and slapped money on the counter. “Keep the change.” I grabbed my goodies and hurried out the door before he stopped me.
There was something wrong with that man. I didn’t know why Jason did that to me, but he did, and I hated it. I hated him. But after one sip of his coffee, I practically melted onto the sidewalk. It was orgasmic. And the chocolate muffin. Oh my gods, better than sex. My thoughts flitted to a dark bedroom with a naked Jason, and I shook the vision away with a shudder. That would never happen. Besides, someone like him probably dated all the women in town, and I didn’t want to be just another notch on his very long and thick belt. Oh, gods… I didn’t even want to go there.
Besides, I had a boyfriend. Which reminded me. I pulled out my cellphone and sent Erik a text message about our date tonight. It was our six-month anniversary, and I had a sneaky suspicion he was about to ask me to move in with him. I was so excited. Things were finally going well for me. Erik still gave me butterflies in my stomach when we touched. That had to mean something.
Erik was one of those silent, sensitive types, while I was slightly on the loud and wild side compared to him. And ever since I’d met him, I’d calmed down a little, because I wanted things to work out between us. Erik was a late bloomer, and I was the first person he’d ever slept with. I never made him feel embarrassed about that fact, ever. He was seven years my junior, but he was mature for his age.
I enjoyed the rest of my muffin, threw the empty liner in the trash can and pocketed the second muffin. I climbed the three steps and entered the building where I worked. Our office was on the fifth floor, but I hardly saw my bosses; Blaire and Ralph. Ulysses Assassins was a monster contract killer agency that became a legal entity when they started working with the police. I was a recent addition to the team because they were so busy, they needed someone to do their administration, legal paperwork, and even balance the books. Since I was a brainiac, although I never finished college, I taught myself how to do everything and I did it well. Blaire had even given me a bonus last month because I’d caught up with all their admin.
I reached my floor and came across Josh, the little five-year-old brat who belonged to the lawyer across the hallway. He was a busy-body but in hindsight a very sweet kid.
“What you got there?” he asked inquisitively, his big brown eyes staring at my bulging pocket.
“It’s a surprise. Do you want to see it?”
He nodded vigorously I thought his head was about to fly off.
“I got you a special muffin again today. Do you want it?” Yesterday I brought him a bran muffin, and it surprised me that Jason had packed two chocolate muffins today without me asking. I smiled at the thought, then frowned at his audacity. I should’ve appreciated it, but he was a were-animal, a were-wolf, and I hated them all.
Josh’s smile split his face in two, and he held out his hands. The office door where his mom worked opened, and she stood in the doorjamb, her slender figure silhouetted by the light behind her.
“Josh! I hope you aren’t pestering Claire, again?”
“It’s fine, Lucy. Can I give him a muffin?”
“Thanks, Claire. You can,” Lucy said, then her voice changed to that commanding tone that made me want to do everything she asked. “Then you come back here, Josh. You know I don’t like it when you wander around.”
“Thank you, Miss Claire.” Josh grabbed the muffin out of my hands and ran to his mother.
I unlocked and entered my office, set my half-empty cup on my desk, switched on my laptop, and sat behind my desk to start working.
Blaire had asked whether I wanted to work from home. Although I loved my home, my apartment was too small to live and work in the same space. I’d go insane, and she’d have to visit me at that special ward, providing care for those in dire need.
My inbox pinged with all the new emails, and I started my workday.

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