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What's for Dinner? Ebook

What's for Dinner? Ebook

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A collection of delectable stories to whet your appetite


Appetizer - Too Late: only time will tell.

Entrée - The Villa: if it's too good to be true, it's probably going to kill you.

Main course - The Island: if you search too hard, you might not like what you find.

Dessert - Deadly nightshade: if the dying knows the right words, with a vial against their lips, their suffering will end.

Each story has an element of death to sink your teeth into; albeit natural, unnatural, compassionate, and one with a side order of evil.

Bon Appétit


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Chapter 1Gavin feels a slight jerk and a tug; the darkness brightens the moment whatever was covering him gets yanked off. Now awake, Gavin focuses on the moving fluorescent lights, but the continuous up-and-down motion makes him queasy, so he closes his eyes for a second. To alleviate the burning sensation around his sockets, he blinks vigorously to bring back some moisture then squints at the moving lights.

When he tries to ask the person pushing him where he is going, he can’t find his voice. Double metal doors come into view, and they pass through into a large, dim room he doesn’t recognize. He stops, and the person pushing him comes into his line of sight. It’s a nurse. Without saying a word or glancing at him, she pulls him right up against a metal shelf, locks the wheels in place and leaves.

Confused as to why the nurse has abandoned him and why she hasn’t explained anything, he tries to call out to the whispers outside the double doors, but again he can’t make a sound. Gavin’s head has limited movement, so he strains his eyes as far as he can. To his right are the tops of double-frosted windows; to his left is a clock above a sterile basin where the standard pink hand sanitizer is fitted against the wall; and in front of him are the top three rows of metal shelves with their doors still open. Right above, the paint of the ceiling is pale, chipped white.

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