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Twisted: A Paranormal Romance with Claws! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 1) Ebook

Twisted: A Paranormal Romance with Claws! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 1) Ebook

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When one mistake leads Julia to another, she finds help in the most unlikely places.

Julia saw something she shouldn’t have and in order to stay safe, she summoned a Demon Lord for protection, but she summoned the wrong one.

Thrust into a world she knew little about, Julia must figure out a way to get out of the Underworld and away from the dangers lurking in her own home with a demon intent on making her life difficult; along with pleasurable sensations she fought not to feel.

Twisted is a stand-alone HEA demon shifter romance

Heat level (3 out of 5):🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️


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Chapter 1Julia

All I wanted was an envelope. One stupid envelope to send a birthday card to my cousin. Instead of finding an envelope, I found this… documents about things I should never know about. This could get me killed.
Ice filled my veins, sweat beaded my forehead as I slowly closed the drawer. At first I expected the typical screeching sound when metal scraped against metal and was thankful I barely heard it close and relieved nobody else would either.
“What are you doing in my office?” Desmond’s voice boomed behind me. His tone filled with rage.
I froze, swallowed hard, and slowly turned around. I fisted my hands as I glanced up at his hard face, finding nothing loving or caring about his expression. It was all hard lines and cold features.
My mind raced with things to say, to spew excuses for being in his office, but there was nothing. He had caught me with my hands in his things.
“Ah…” I muttered, swallowing the rest of my sentence as he approached with purpose.
“I’ve told you never to come in here.” He scowled as he gripped my upper arms, yanking me away from his desk. He squeezed tightly, sending bursts of pain up my shoulders; hard enough to leave bruises.
“I was looking for an envelope—”
“It’s my cousin’s birthday, and I wanted to send her something.”
“You shouldn’t have opened my drawers, Julia. Do you understand the magnitude of your disobedience?” he said through gritted teeth, and the muscles in his jaw ticked. I’d never seen him this angry before.
“Yes…” I whimpered, averting my eyes. “Please don’t hurt me, Des. I saw nothing.” I lied. Obviously, I’d never tell him I saw the documents with multiple replicas they sold in Bill’s art gallery. And I definitely wouldn’t tell him I saw the name of the artist they commissioned who forged the paintings.
“I’m disappointed, Jules. I really am.” He shoved two fingers painfully into my chest, pushing me into his filing cabinet.
I moaned on impact.
He raised his hand, but before he could strike, his cellphone sounded. “Huh, saved by the phone. Get out but don’t go far.”
“Yes, Desmond,” I said meekly, hurried past him and closed his office door behind me.
I didn’t want to stay outside his door and upset him further. Instead, I ran to our bedroom and closed the door quietly. I leaned against the door, pressing my palms against the cool surface, relieved I no longer stood in front of him and the object of his anger.
The other bruises had faded, replaced with new ones. My emotions ran high, and I flinched every time he raised his voice.
His rage had worsened the last couple of weeks. Something at work was stressing him out, and he took it out on me. But this… this was my fault. I shouldn’t have gone into his office. He warned me. I should’ve known better.
My breath hitched. My head throbbed as I pressed it into the hard door. The pain felt right. I deserved it, as I sucked in another breath—holding it. The moment I exhaled, I cried.
I needed to think.
Desmond had warned me never to enter his office without him being present, and that’s exactly what I did. He wasn’t home, and I thought I could quickly look for an envelope, but he’d come home before I found one.
The longer I thought about it, the more I realized there had to have been a silent alarm I’d triggered when I entered his unlocked office. He’d just left when he rushed back home. If he wanted me not to go inside, he should’ve locked it. But I’d never say that out loud.
I flinched when he knocked on the door. “Julia?” His tone wasn’t as sharp as it was earlier. Perhaps he’d calmed down.
“Yes?” I whispered, squeezing my eyes shut.
The door handle turned as he opened the door, but I was leaning against it, keeping it closed. My eyes shot open as I turned around. The consequences of not opening the door would only make my situation worse. Slowly, I stepped away from the door. I barely had time to move out of the way when he pushed the door open, smashing it in my face. The impact threw me off balance and I fell backward, landing on my backside with a loud groan.
Pain shot up my spine from landing on my coccyx, and my face ached while my eyes teared. My hand came away with blood; my nose didn’t feel broken but it would be bruised.
Desmond stood in the doorjamb, his large body imposing and bathed in sinister shadows. He stepped forward, towering over me.
“You really shouldn’t have gone into my office, Jules.” His tone was deep and frightening. All the hairs on my arms stood on end.
“I’m sorry.” I raised my left hand near my face on instinct; unsure if he’d hit me again or if he had thought I’d suffered enough. I never could tell.
“It’s okay,” he whispered. His change in tone kept me on high alert; it could mean anything. “It’s going to be okay. I spoke with Bill and I made it right again. He won’t punish you. And nothing bad will happen while I’m around. See, everything I do, I do it for you. Don’t you love me when I do so much for you? When I care so deeply?”
I nodded, then flinched when he reached for my head, but instead of pulling my hair, he caressed my head. His touch filled with warmth and kindness, and I leaned into his hand. This was the Desmond I loved; the kind and gentle man.
“I saw nothing, Des. I promise. I really only wanted an envelope.”
“I know, and it’s okay. I found one for you, here.” He handed me a white envelope. I took it with a shaky hand. “Next time, come to me first. You know I will go out of my way to get anything for you. Okay?” He reached for my hands and pulled me to my feet. “There you go. Put some ice on your nose to stop the bleeding,” he said. His words were kind, but the undercurrent of his tone was not.
“How far are you with the books I gave you?” he asked, placing both hands on my shoulders and applied just enough pressure. He pressed on the fading bruises that still hurt, but I dared not cower—he hated when I moved away from him.
“I’ll get it done in two hours.”
“Good.” He squeezed my shoulders once more, then kissed my cheek. His stubble scratching my skin. “Thank you for doing it at short notice.” His smile ticked to one side. I could tell he was toning down his irritation. “Bill is also grateful for what you do for the business. You have an hour to finish them.”
“Okay,” I whimpered. I made the mistake of asking for an extension, I learned my lesson and wouldn’t ask for another one. I’d ensure I finished on time. “Must I make dinner?” I asked, averting my eyes.
“No, you can fix yourself a sandwich if you’re hungry. No,” — he shook his head, — “you’ll eat a salad. Bread is bad for your waistline. I have a business dinner I need to attend now, so I’ll be home late.” He let go of my shoulders. I dared not look up while under the weight of his gaze. “And Julia, it’s going to be all right.” He pulled me into the curve of his body and kissed the top of my head. “Des always fixes your nasty messes.”

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