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Night Hunter: A Paranormal Romance With Fangs! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 5) Ebook

Night Hunter: A Paranormal Romance With Fangs! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 5) Ebook

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When two different worlds collide, will demons tear them apart?


A vampire going on vacation was unheard of. Yet, Declan was adamant he needed to get away to think about the future awaiting him back in the US.

His destination was an affluent suburb in South Africa where he met a mysterious woman he couldn't stop thinking about and did everything in his power to gain her trust.

But, instead of enjoying himself at the seaside, a demon was killing the women he fed on, putting everyone in danger.

Declan knew who had hired the demon, but could he give them what they wanted? And was he prepared for his ever after?

Night Hunter is a thrilling stand-alone HEA vampire romance

Heat level (3 out of 5):🌶️🌶️🌶️


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Chapter 1Declan

Watson shuffled into the room, interrupting my meal. I narrowed my eyes at his feet, hoping they’d get chopped off. His shuffling was annoying. Luckily, he only did it on airplanes; it had something to do with balance. I couldn’t remember, I wasn’t listening when he told me.
I let go of my meal and offered Watson my attention when he cleared his throat at the foot of my bed.
“What is it, Watson?”
He growled, furrowing his brows. “Winston.”
“My name is Winston, Master. After all these centuries, surely your memory hasn’t started to fade.”
I arched an eyebrow at the jab and Watson bowed low; almost over doing it.
“Forgive me, Master.”
“All right. Now what do you want… Winston.” I drawled.
“The pilot will start our descent in about an hour.”
“Good, will you clean up this mess?” I pushed the corpse away from my body and climbed out of bed.
“Yes, Master.”
“It’s a pity though, she was such a good lay, even showed me a trick or two,” I grinned, wiggling my eyebrows.
Winston averted his eyes. He wasn’t a prude and had seen me naked too many times to count, yet he never stared at me when I stood in all my splendor.
“Why did you kill her then?”
“I couldn’t help myself.” I was sure the Council would have a fit, but at this moment I didn’t care. “And besides, with my tasting limited, I simply couldn’t stop. I desperately needed a full meal. The moment her blood touched the inside of my mouth.” I licked my lips and tasted a drop of blood I’d missed. “I couldn’t stop until her heart did. I’ll be full for at least a day.” My smile reached my eyes.
“Very well, Master.”
“Thank you, Watson.” I sauntered to the bathroom to freshen up for our descent and ignored Winston’s sigh and the rolling of his eyes.
Winston was such a good sport. I’d been teasing him for years. Who named their child Winston, anyway? How dreadfully awful. And this was centuries ago. Never mind, he was a wonderful man servant and would never leave me.
I stared at my physique in the mirror; a mirror made without silver. Unfortunately, some still weren’t able to see themselves. But I was old and powerful enough to see my reflection, toned body and sculptured cheeks. My blue eyes twinkled even. That girl’s blood did wonders for my skin. I should stick to under twenties. But never younger than eighteen—a pervert I was not.
My fangs retracted, leaving me with blunt teeth once more. I dared not scare the riff-raff at the airport. I chuckled to myself, imagining the chaos I’d cause. Vampires had been living out in the open for years, but humans still feared us. As they should.
I showered, washed my hair and dried my body. Once back in my room, I chose a simple outfit, black pants, black T-shirt, my black coat and boots. I was still in my gothic phase and doubted I’d ever leave it. Black, ever elegant, was my color of choice. Red was my second color, naturally.
I finished in time to hear the crackling of the speakers; my private plane was old but functional.
“This is your captain speaking, buckle up.” A man of many words.
Plonking down beside Winston, I did as the captain suggested; I may be immortal, but I still got hurt. I spied how Winston wiped his hands with a wet wipe then stuck it in a little bag for discarding.
“What did you do with her body?”
“I opened the hatch while we were still over the ocean. Sharks will get to her soon enough.”
“Good ol’ chap.” My meal had no family, and nobody would miss her. Unfortunately, in today’s world we may be more connected than ever, yet some remained lonely.
We landed with a thump on the tarmac and taxied toward the private jet terminal at Cape Town International Airport. It was my first time visiting South Africa and I couldn’t wait to see what it offered. I’d heard many wonderful stories about the Mother City that I had to see it for myself, even it if was only once.
As soon as the plane stopped, the pilot opened the door. I walked ahead of Winston, down the six steps, and came face-to-face with the tallest human I’d ever seen. He stood almost seven feet tall, a shaved head, and a nondescript face. He was as average as they came, apart from his height.
“Welcome, Mr. Kieran,” the man said as he reached for my hand. I ignored it. He pulled back his hand and continued speaking. “I’m George, your host. How was your flight?”
“Delightful,” I smirked. “Is everything in order for our travels?” I eyed Winston, letting him know they needed to be careful with my luggage. My possessions were priceless and dear to me. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash killing someone if they damaged anything.
“Yes, Mr. Kieran.” George snapped his fingers for the staff to unload our things while Winston barked orders at them. “They tinted the vehicle as per your request, along with reinforcement. Um,” George stuttered and violently paged through a booklet. When he found what he was looking for, finally added. “There was a slight issue with your accommodation—”
“What?” I commanded, and George’s cheeks reddened.
“Uhm? What is it? Spit it out, boy!”
Before, George’s accent was very English—similar to those from England with a slight twist, but the more he stammered, the more his accent changed. My brows furrowed at the unfamiliar accent, yet sounding very much like Dutch.
“Isaac, kry vir my die foon.”
“Why do you need to phone someone? What is wrong?” I demanded.
George stared at me with frightened brown eyes, deep lines etched between his brows. “You speak Afrikaans?”
It was my turn to frown at him. “Afrikaans? That sounded like Dutch. Aren’t you descendants of the Dutch settlers here in Africa?”
George nodded. “Yes, Mr. Kieran. Afrikaans is a daughter language of Dutch, with a few adopted words from German and Khoisan languages.”
“Most impressive and beautiful, and yes, I understand your language. You were saying?”
“Right, why did I need to phone.” He glanced nervously at his papers.
A sly smile crept on my face. I think the poor boy wet himself. A strange odor seemed to emanate from his direction, and I wrinkled my nose.
“They weren’t able to secure the material needed for your curtains, but they installed a similar quality used in hotels, and added an extra layer for thickness.”
“Right, I will see how I manage. And I’ll be troubling you if it doesn’t work.” I glowered down at George, who swallowed hard.
Once he found his voice he added, “Yes, Mr. Kieran,” he croaked, coughing into his fist. “I will see if we can source the material you need.”
“Good, boy.” I patted the top of his strangely shaped, bald head and headed towards the vehicle. “Come, Watson. I want to see the sights.”
Winston nodded and made the attendants hurry to load our luggage in the other vehicle.

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