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Monster Features: A collection of horror stories (Thrills and Scares Book 2) Ebook

Monster Features: A collection of horror stories (Thrills and Scares Book 2) Ebook

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Monsters are real. They are under your bed, in your dark closet, and you can never escape them...

3 Monsters

                    3 Stories

                                   3 Horrors filled with...

...bones, teeth, and scales...

Read if you dare.

From Vikings to Mayan temples to an isle in Scotland. Three monster tales with deadly consequences...

If you love Kaiju monsters or HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, then you'll love Monster Features.


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Chapter 1ERIK

Norway, Circa 960 AD

Erik stopped beside a tree and watched his father enter the chieftain’s home where all the men had gathered. They were about to decide their family’s fate, a decision that could result in their entire family moving far from Norway.
“Do you know why they blame your father?” Erik recognized his friend’s voice without having to turn to answer Torsten.
“They think my father killed three men.”
“Yours and mine.”
Erik hadn’t known Torsten’s father was involved. He turned to look at his friend, his face stained with tears and dirt. “I thought it was only my father?”
Torsten shook his head. “Mother says Father helped. It’s all because of the land they farm on, and the chieftain’s cousin wanted it—”
“And they fought?”
“Yes.” Torsten nodded, wiping away a stray tear.
“And three men lost their lives because of it. And they’re blaming our fathers because the chieftain’s cousin wanted our land?”
Torsten nodded again.
Erik rarely got angry, but since turning ten, things easily set him off. His anger flared to life the moment he had found out his dad was in trouble, and now again, his anger was as ripe as any adult’s, knowing his best friend’s father was also involved. If he could, he would grab an axe and charge the chieftain’s cousin—put an end to this fight once and for all. If the cousin was no longer around, then the chieftain wouldn’t have to defend him all the time. Or send hard-working men away.
A loud noise erupted from the chieftain’s home as men screamed their votes. It was unanimous. Erik’s father exited the house with his head down and shoulders rounded forward.
Erik left his friend and ran to his father, who pushed him away. “Not now, Erik.”
“What happened, Father?”
“Pack your things, son. We leave at dawn.” His father’s reply was curt, and he pushed past Erik.
Erik stopped dead—his body numb, his mind clouded over. For a boy entering manhood, he felt stuck. This land was his birthplace, and now they had to leave because of a vote. That something as small as one vote by each of the men he had grown up to admire could cause so much heartache. And that all the men wanted his father, their family, gone. Now they had to travel across the rough seas in search of unknown land. They had heard of many families moving to Iceland. Perhaps it would be an adventure, or their demise.
Torsten approached him. But before he could mutter anything, Erik screamed and punched Torsten in the face. Anger and frustration coursed through his veins, and his face matched his fiery hair. Torsten nursed his aching cheek, fell to the ground and cried.
Shocked by what he’d done, Erik blinked back tears and ran home. When he opened the door to their house, his mother was crying into a cloth, and his father was packing.

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