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Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man: A Paranormal Romance with a Beak! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 2) Ebook

Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man: A Paranormal Romance with a Beak! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 2) Ebook

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I’m the last of my kind and hunted.


They killed my protector; drove me out of my home, and now I have nowhere to go. During my escape, the hunters injured me. No longer able to fly, I stumbled upon a cabin in the woods seeking help. The man I met wasn’t happy to see a naked woman with hunters hounding her. All I wanted was medical attention and some food.

All I wanted was to live my life in isolation and enjoy my retirement in peace. But then a naked woman approached from deep within the forest, needing my help. I knew I shouldn’t help her, she would only bring trouble. The men after her would arrive soon, and I should chase her away. But I couldn’t.

Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance

Heat level (3 out of 5):🌶️🌶️🌶️


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Chapter 1Jane

I watched from my perch. My enclosure large enough in case I shifted into my human form. But since my capture six weeks ago, I hadn’t changed. Not for them. Ever.
It was dangerous staying in my animal form, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I’d rather face those risks than face the dangers that lie ahead.
With my captors fast asleep, they were awaiting their next orders or for morning, whichever came first.
A mouse scurried across the floor, found crumbs dropped when my captors ate, and disappeared into a hole in the wall.
My mouth salivated. It had been too long since I’d eaten—not by choice. The mouse looked tasty. I wanted to nibble on its soft meat. Better yet, I’d love to bite into my captors’ soft bellies. They had more meat around their middle and I’d be killing two captors with one satisfactory stone.
Captor One snored, his enormous belly rising and falling as he dreamed of something. He was the strongest of the two, big and burley. He was all muscle, hardly any brain. Well, that’s what I thought, anyway.
Captor Two was a skinny man with enough meat to keep me full for a few days. He was the weakest of the two, but a great archer. He hit his target every single time. Ever since I’d been here, I watched him practice on the target across the room, and he never missed. If he ever aimed at me, his arrow would strike. And I didn’t need him to threaten me either, because I knew he would aim true.
The lights flickered on, momentarily blinding me. I screeched. The room painfully bright, I cowered in my darkest corner.
The captors awoke with a jolt.
Captor Two raised his bow and pointed his arrow at me. Even in a dreamy state, his reflexes were sharp and trained on me.
Their leader, Rhett, entered the room. He held his head up high, combed his fingers through his dark hair, and his black eyes shimmered with knowledge. I didn’t like this look. He was cruel, and I imagined what he’d do next. Whatever he planned never ended well for me.
Trailing behind Rhett was my Michael—my protector. His body bruised and broken. His torn clothing caked with blood. Blood he’d spilled for me. Blood he’d gladly give to protect me. It broke my heart watching him suffer. I wanted to give in to Rhett’s demands, but Michael had said, ‘no’. I needed to stay in my hawk form and never give in to Rhett’s demands, no matter what he did to Michael.
“Jane, I’m glad to see you’re still awake. It would be much simpler if you just changed,” Rhett groaned, emphasizing the word ‘changed’. He reached for the clothing I’d first worn, bringing it towards his nose, and breathed deeply.
I shuddered and squawked, flapped my wings as I showed my disapproval. Some of my feathers floated around me like snow flurries.
The evening was cool and I suspected winter was near. I needed all my feathers to stay warm.
“Change for me Jane. If you care about Michael. Do it!” Rhett growled, his glassy black eyes boring holes into me. I shivered at the thought. I knew what he was capable of. As hard as it was for me not to give in, I couldn’t or Michael’s torture would be for nothing.
Rhett harrumphed. “Michael doesn’t have much longer, my dear. Do you want him dead?” Rhett raised his hand, pointed two fingers at Michael, and slashed his fingers in the air like knives. Two slashes formed on Michael’s broad naked chest, followed by blood.
I squawked again.
“Don’t do it, Jane,” Michael mumbled. His lips swollen and cracked. The skin around his eyes finally healing and could see me. His blue eyes filled with sadness and with little strength he had left. I didn’t know how much longer he had to live, but he was suffering. Every day since our capture, Rhett had tortured him. Slowly, Michael was dying because of me.
Rhett approached the cage with long tweezers, reached inside, and removed one of my golden feathers. My feathers no longer as golden, but a faded yellow. He placed the feather into a contraption to measure the gold content. It flashed red.
Rhett shook his head. “You’re weakening, Jane. If I can’t get what I need for the elixir, you’re messing with my entire production line. Do you understand the consequences?” he said gravely.
I kept quiet, staring at him with my beady black eyes through the bars.
“Your kind will die with you if you don’t do what I ask. I’m here to help you—”
“No, you’re not. All you want is her precious feathers,” Michael spluttered, blood dripping out of his mouth while his chest wound continued pumping blood. They weren’t helping him. They weren’t seeing to his wounds. They were leaving him to die like a wild animal.
I turned my focus on Rhett and wanted to pick at his soft eyeballs. They would be a tasty treat I’d savor and remember for the rest of my life.
“That’s where you’re wrong, protector. I want to ensure her kind lives on. I will breed with her, create more little hawks and watch them flourish. And if their gold is as pure as their mothers, then we’ll all be happy for it. It’s a win-win situation,” Rhett grinned. His dark eyes flashed with murky oil. He was evil to the core.
I didn’t know what flavor evil Rhett was, I only sensed he was one of the worst. Rhett didn’t shift into any creature, nor did he drink blood. But there was something about him I sensed was pure evil. It was possible he was the devil’s spawn—created to unleash his wicked deeds.
“It’s time to decide, Jane,” Rhett continued, pacing in front of my cage. “Michael won’t last much longer.” Rhett raised the same hand, slicing his fingers through the air once more.
I screeched.
Michael collapsed to his knees, gripping his neck to stop the bleeding, but his life essence pulsed between his fingers; his carotid artery shredded.
“Don’t give in to him, Jane,” Michael said in a hoarse voice. “Don’t. I signed up to protect you now and forever. Allow me to die with honor.”
Rhett laughed as he left. “One more day, Jane,” he sang as he disappeared out the room.
The two men who held Michael left him where he’d fallen and disappeared with Rhett.
My two captors did nothing but stare at Michael as he bled.
Michael crawled on weak limbs towards the cage. Ignoring his deep wounds, he still only cared for me, wanting to protect me.
My heart broke. More feathers fell. I flapped my wings, desperately needing to get out. I needed to save my Michael. He was dying because of me.
“Don’t give in to him, Jane,” Michael whispered, his face near the bars. “Get out of here. Once you’re out, get your strength back. Understand that Rhett will never stop coming after you. You need to kill him. I know you can. Do it. Don’t let this be in vain,” Michael said weakly as he glanced at the captors, then turned back to me. “Grab my bracelet and fly away, Jane. Don’t come back to save me. Nothing can save me now, but you can save yourself,” Michael said softly, pulling a key from his back pocket and silently unlocked my cage.
Somehow he’d gotten the key—it was a risky move, but I appreciated it.
Slowly, Michael stood with the last of his energy; his legs shaky as more blood flowed down his body. As he yanked the door open, he lunged at my captors before they could react.
“Fly, Jane!” Michael yelled as a blade flashed in the air, striking Michael’s chest.
I flapped my wings, was out of my cage, and grabbed the golden bracelet from the hook on the wall. When I’d secured the bracelet in my beak, I flew to the window. The window wide enough for me to squeeze through, and then I was out.
I couldn’t turn back to see if Michael was okay. I knew he wouldn’t be, not after seeing Captor One stab him. If I went back, it would be the end of me. They’d put me back inside my cage until I withered away.
I caught a wind pocket, flapped my large wings with all the energy I had left, and flew as hard and as fast as I could. But I was weak. My body was hurting, all the while mourning the loss of Michael. But I couldn’t give up now. I had to do what Michael said; leave, get healthy, and find my way back.
Captor Two yelled out the window.
I didn’t look behind; I needed to get far away quickly.
Something thwished, then whooshed past me. An arrow missed my right wing. Then the air changed as another arrow zipped past, closer this time.
All I focused on was getting away. I pushed my tortured body to fly harder and faster. I could never survive another round of torture, nor would I give Rhett the satisfaction.
Before I soared higher, another arrow thwished through the air, but this time it didn’t go past. It struck my wing.

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