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Kai: A Paranormal Romance with Blood! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 6) Ebook

Kai: A Paranormal Romance with Blood! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 6) Ebook

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Kai had given up on love, while Naomi wasn't looking.


All it took was a chance encounter. The moment their hands touched something ignited within them, a feeling so strong they couldn't ignore it.

But, Naomi's overprotective father hated shifters and planned to separate them forcibly.

Kai and Naomi would do everything to stay together, even though there were forces pulling them apart. When one of them is gravely injured, they needed to consider an alternative neither was prepared for.

Kai is a thrilling stand-alone HEA shifter romance.

Heat level (3 out of 5):🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️


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Chapter 1Kai

I entered the hallway and into the cavernous room. I assessed whether any of the doors had been breached or if any artifacts Léon stored in his renovated warehouse had been stolen or damaged.
Everything was as it should be and stepped into the kitchen I shared with three other shifters. I switched on the kettle and added a tea bag into my favorite mug. A smell caught my attention, and followed the stench to the basin; inside sat dirty dishes and leftover food with flies buzzing around. When I opened the dishwasher, it was full, too.
While the kettle boiled, I burst through Jude’s door and the were-tiger jackknifed out of bed, his fists out readying to fight.
Jude narrowed his eyes, realizing there was no threat, giving me the middle finger. “Asshole,” Jude said, raising his hands above his head to shield his eyes from the blinding lights. “I was sleeping.”
“It’s your turn to empty the dishwasher.”
Jude groaned and fell back into bed. “You’re worse than my freakin’ mother. Give me ten more minutes.”
“Now, Jude, the kitchen stinks. Do you want cockroaches again or worse, the stench of rotten food hovering throughout the warehouse?”
“Christ! All right, all right, I’m up,” Jude moaned, kicking off the covers, and climbed out of bed. He pushed against my chest as he stomped past. He headed in the kitchen's direction, scratching his ass as he made a show of how upset he was that I disturbed his sleep.
Jude reluctantly opened the dishwasher tray and unpacked the dishes into their rightful spots while I finished making tea.
“Morning.” Lee strode in, flicked my ear and darted to the other side of the kitchen, narrowly missing my backhand.
“One day I’m going to get you where it hurts.”
“I can’t wait. Maybe then you’ll get that old man stick out your ass,” Lee said, drinking water from the open faucet, then closed it.
“Someone needs to keep you in line or this place would be in chaos and Léon would bleed you dry.”
Lee grunted.
“Morning.” Flynn entered and roared. He removed a mug from the cupboard and started making coffee. “You should rather drink this, Kai,” — he tapped the coffee pot. “It gives you great hair.” He combed his fingers through his jet-black hair.
Lee laughed. “Man, I still find it strange your mane goes sun-soaked yellow when you change.”
“Yet, it stays gloriously dark around the edges.” Flynn wiggled his eyebrows. “The darker the mane the more powerful the lion,” he roared again.
“We get it,” Jude mumbled. “It’s not necessary to rip out the measuring tapes every morning, we all know you’re the bigger animal.”
“We’re quicker though.” Lee elbowed me.
I nodded. “That may be true, Flynn, but I prefer tea,” I said, placing my cup on the table. “You two still okay for tonight?”
“Yes,” Flynn and Jude said simultaneously.
“I’d do anything for you to get laid and to get off my back about the dishwasher,” Jude mumbled into the dishwasher and closed it. “I on the other hand am always happy.” He arched an eyebrow, no doubt reminding us he always had a lady keeping him company. “‘Cause at night the monster ladies love to come out and play.”
“Yeah, and they steal from the Master,” I said dryly.
Jude harrumphed. “It happened once, Kai. Are you ever going to drop it?”
“Maybe when you start doing your chores without us having to ask you.”
“Why can’t we get someone to clean around here.”
No-one answered Jude because we had this conversation with him numerous times before. Léon had already advised against anyone or a cleaning company to clean the warehouse because of the nature of the items he stored here.
Cleaning up after ourselves was part of our job. And besides, no-one would want to clean up after a bunch of animals, anyway; I grinned at the thought, leaning into the chairback.
I listened to the other men’s banter and quietly sipped my tea. Jude was into any woman who would have him, while Flynn was a picky. Lee and I had been so busy lately we hadn’t had time to find women. Hopefully tonight we’d break our dry spell.
As the others joked around a part of me wished I had found my mate. I wasn’t an alpha male who led the pack, but a beta male who ranked high within the were-leopard leap, along with my best friend Lee. Beta males did what was necessary to keep the pack strong and followed through on alpha orders. And it was beta males who usually only found their mates later in life or worse yet, never at all. And since I was not a natural born were-leopard, my chances were slim.
Every time I heard about beta shifters finding their mate, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Although I didn’t have many one-night stands, I was getting tired of them. In today’s world of quickies and hook-up culture, I still hoped my one was out there waiting for me.
I wanted someone to bond with, to share my life with and to cherish forever. The thought of waking up next to the same girl every single morning made my heart swell.
I wanted to know everything there was to know about that one woman. I wanted to commit every line on her body to memory. To know what made her scream my name as we made love. Sharing our thoughts for the future, and maybe even kids.
I wanted all of that and more. Unfortunately, I would have none of that.
I learned not to expect anything on my night out with Lee, and tonight would be no different. Lee might find a girl interested enough in him and bed her, or he’d just do it at the club. While I usually stood by the bar and drank.
Going out was more for Lee’s benefit than for myself. And even though Lee knew this, it didn’t stop him from dragging me along.
A hollow uneasiness settled within my chest but I made peace with it. This was my life now. I would forever be alone, a dedicated worker to the Master Vampire of Sterling Meadow, and committed to Sebastian who led the leopards.

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