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Jude: A Paranormal Romance With An Eclipse! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 11) Ebook

Jude: A Paranormal Romance With An Eclipse! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 11) Ebook

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NEW RELEASE! (08 June 2023)


A portal into another world wasn't what it seemed.

Jude, a were-tiger, wanted to understand how his friends had disappeared into the forest so easily. His investigation led him to a spot that was not like the rest of the forest, but a gateway into another world.

Join Jude as he discovered a world filled with blue wolves and an Egyptian goddess. A paranormal adventure he’d never imagined possible, with something sinister around every corner.

Jude leans more toward urban fantasy and supernatural thriller.

Heat level (3 out of 5):  🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️


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Chapter 1Flynn and Penn vanished that one snowy day a week ago. When we searched for them, their scent and tracks had disappeared; like they never existed.

Their disappearance didn't sit well with me, along with other parts of that day felt off. It snowed when it shouldn’t have. The air was stuffy during the search in the forest, along with a constant buzz of power in the atmosphere.

Being an amateur sleuth-tiger-shifter, I needed to investigate the events more closely; whenever I entered the forest near where they disappeared, I still felt the pull of that power lingering in the air. This told me that something was still there, something was keeping the power alive.

Flynn and Penn were gone for five days, only to reappear with an intriguing story to tell. The events that took place over those five days sounded horrible and filled with sinister activities.

A deranged shaman held the two captive, and he almost succeeded in keeping them as hostages in a phantom village deep within the forest in Sterling Meadow.

We were all elated they were home and unharmed, but I couldn’t help shake the feeling that something else had happened. It wasn’t only the shaman’s power that kept the people in their ghostly village, but something otherworldly.

Something else was out there, and I would figure it out.
“I really wish you would leave it be,” Flynn said, munching on a slice of toast with a thick layer of blueberry jam. He licked the corners of his mouth but missed a crumb.

“I won’t be long,” I said, packing a bag of nuts, the sandwich I’d made, and two liters of water into a backpack.

“Do you have your cellphone?”

“I’m not forgetful like you,” I grinned, patting my jacket chest pocket where I kept my cellphone. If only Flynn had his cellphone on his person that day, we could’ve rescued them in time.

“Ha, you’re funny,” Flynn smiled; ever since he and Penn’s near-death experience, they grew closer every day, and he smiled often. It almost made me smile… Almost.

“I should be back by nightfall,” I said, opening the back door to the warehouse we guarded for Léon, our Master Vampire boss.
“And if I’m not home, phone me. I might have fallen somewhere and need rescuing.” I slapped Flynn’s chest, and he almost dropped his toast.

“Don’t say that,” he grumbled as I closed the back door.

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