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Flynn: A Paranormal Romance With A Mane! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 10) Ebook

Flynn: A Paranormal Romance With A Mane! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 10) Ebook

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NEW RELEASE! (14 May 2023)


When an innocent walk in the forest turned into danger. 

Flynn helped Lee rescue Natalie and her sister Penn from their deranged half-brother. Wanting to understand how it happened he entered the forest looking for clues, but the only thing he found was Penn following him.

Unfortunately, they were snowed in and had to take shelter in a cave, but Flynn knew it was dangerous to remain there. 

When a kind stranger passed their cave and offered a safe place to sleep and warm food. They couldn’t refuse his offer.

But from the moment Flynn and Penn arrived at the village, strange things started happening with no way of escaping.

This story leans more towards Urban Fantasy with romantic elements and a Happy For Now ending.

Heat level (0 out of 5)


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Chapter 1I wiped my face with my right hand and scratched my beard, but my fingers got caught in the caked blood; I needed to shower.
Glancing at the fading bruises, it relieved me the cuts were healing, leaving behind dried blood on my now smooth skin.
I glanced at my swollen eyes as visions of the carnage flashed before me; blood, torn flesh, and body parts. Then distant memories echoed with moans from those hurt, followed by screaming and shrieking.
The events that had just taken place would haunt me forever.
I glanced up when Jude entered the bathroom, giving me the same expression I gave him; a ‘what the fuck did we just go through?’ look.
I couldn’t recall the fight with Shannon all those years ago being this gruesome, but it was Shannon’s offspring who had caused the fight today; which was just as bad, if not worse.
Shannon reminded me of a mad scientist; he mixed various DNA of a human and a shifter animal to create supernatural hybrids. They started off as his children, until he locked them up in cages like animals, because he wanted supernatural soldiers who were his killing machines instead.
I shook my head, grateful Shannon was no more, but the son he created had followed in his footsteps. Like evil father, like evil son; I shuddered at the thought.
“How are you holding up?” Jude asked, his tone gentle, throwing his towel over his naked shoulder.
“I’ll get through it,” I said and tried to smile, but I wasn’t fooling him. “How’s Lee?” I asked, changing the subject.
“He’s with Sebastian at the Leap. The leopards who followed Dwayne to his location have returned and they’re busy devising a plan to get the sisters back safely.”
Dwayne had kidnapped Natalie and Penn, his sisters, right from under our noses. Even with all the were-leopards there, and us, we couldn’t defend the sisters against him. But he wasn’t alone. Dwayne had an army of hybrid Komodo dragons on his side, and he could command them to do as he pleased.
We didn’t have a chance to shift into our stronger beasts. When the first were-leopard went down, shriveled into a husk and died, I realized we didn’t have a fighting chance; their venomous bites killed us quickly.
One thing everyone agreed to was that we couldn’t leave the sisters with the madman. It wasn’t in my DNA not to help, but the thought of going through another battle left me on edge. I’d experienced enough death and destruction to last me ten life times. Yet, I had to help Lee get Natalie and Penn back, even if it cost me.
When I didn’t respond, Jude added, “All the shifters are banding together.” His tone was gentler. “They say Dwayne took the girls to the lab where Shannon had created them and his army. We’re leaving tonight,” he said with hard lines etched into his face.
Jude and I had been through a lot together, and this was one fight I didn’t want him to go on without me.
We moved to Sterling Meadow round about the same time. He had no tiger clan to join, so he joined me and the lions with Troy’s permission.
Then we started working for Léon, the Master Vampire of Sterling Meadow, in his warehouse and had been friends since. Plus, we’re always with Kai and Lee, so their leopards always included us in their meetings and parties.
It wasn’t just the shifters protecting the town, but the vampires under Léon’s rule, too. Everybody joined forces to keep everyone safe from danger. Léon was one of the nicest vampires to work for, and one of the best supernaturals who wouldn’t hesitate to help. He did whatever it took to ensure we were all out of harm's way.
And because of my work relationship with Léon, I now had a brother in Jude, Lee, and Kai. The four of us worked together, lived together, and protected each other. That was the main reason why I couldn't let Lee down. I had to help him get Natalie back; even if it cost me my sanity.
“You don’t have to do this—”
“No, I’ll go. We all do,” I said, turning around. “Everyone would help me if I was in Lee’s shoes.”
“Yes,” Jude said, shrugging. “But he didn’t wake up in a pool of his mother’s blood. You did. Everyone knows you have triggers.”
I shook my head, expelling the memory of the slaughter I had found myself in when I was ten years old. My village had been destroyed, and all my people were butchered. My head was almost split in two, yet I survived with my mother’s corpse on top of me, protecting me from blows meant for me.
“I have to help.”
Jude grabbed my shoulder and squeezed. “You can join me in the back. We’ll be protecting the first wave.” He smiled sadly. “Then, once they’re through, we’ll hold back for any Komodo dragons trying to escape. We’re better prepared this time.” He smiled sinisterly, and it brought a smile to my face. When Jude behaved like this, he had something up his sleeve; and whatever it was, I knew it would kill the dragons before they reached us.
“You should shower, too.” Jude hung his towel up and stepped into the open shower. “Get that muck off your skin.”

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