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Devil Mountain: A Suspense Thriller (The Dana Mulder Suspense Book 2) Ebook

Devil Mountain: A Suspense Thriller (The Dana Mulder Suspense Book 2) Ebook

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Dana makes a grisly discovery while assisting the police search for a mom and her two daughters on Devil Mountain.

Dana is asked to assist in the search for Johnny's sister only to discover she’s dead and her two daughters are missing. To make matters worse, she unearths the remains of someone connected to the man hunting her.

Can she solve the murder before Travis strikes again, or will he finally get what he wants?

Devil Mountain reveals hidden secrets, suspicion, and murder in this fast-paced thriller with unforgettable characters and spine-chilling suspense. DEVIL MOUNTAIN is part of a gripping complete series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.


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Chapter 1Lifting my camera to my face, I watched my target walk into Tiffany’s; my finger eased down on the button and took the shot. A few minutes later, he exited with a pretty pink bag in hand. I snapped another picture. I set my camera on the seat beside me, but, before I could dial my client’s number, my phone rang with a familiar name on the screen.

“Hello, Dr. Adams,” I said.

“Let me guess. You’ve forgotten about our appointment today.”

I cringed in my car seat; to be honest, I had forgotten. I was so busy following my client’s ex-husband to Madison, I’d forgotten all about my appointment with my therapist. “Yes,” I whispered sheepishly as I watched the ex cross the road and climb into his car.

Dr. Adams sighed so loud I could hear it as if he was sitting beside me; he wasn’t happy. “Okay, I can fit you in at the end of the week. Does that sound good?” he asked carefully. He was very accommodating; I’d forgotten my appointment once before, and he had squeezed me in. Previously, I’d asked to move sessions, and he always made a plan for me. I supposed once he knew what I’d been through, he really wanted to help me in any way he could.


“Yep, say four o’clock?”

As much as I didn’t feel like it, I knew I had to go. Dr. Adams was a great listener and made me feel comfortable enough that I would open up and tell him what was on my mind. It didn’t hurt he was pleasant to look at—dark hair styled right, bright green eyes, and wore glasses when he took notes. He was professional and put me at ease whenever I felt like I was about to spiral out of control. The previous session, I’d left in tears; it wasn’t anything he’d said but what I was going through. The nightmares of Pig-head were still haunting me, and every time I spoke with Johnny, it seemed to bring everything to the surface—again.

“Yeah, four o’clock is fine.”

“Is everything okay?”

“All good. Thanks for calling. I have to go, see you Friday.” I killed the call before he could respond and quickly dialed my client’s number before Dr. Adams could phone back.

“Please tell me you have something!” Maddy cried into my ear, the stress of everything evident in her tone.

I stifled a joyous laugh, trying to put myself into a good mood after my call with Dr. Adams but failed miserably, and Maddy shrieked. “I got him, Maddy,” I finally said, not wanting to keep her anxious.

Maddy shrieked again.

Her ex had been telling the judge he was bankrupt and unable to pay my client child support. She suspected he had hidden money during the divorce, and he had a new girlfriend by the time the proceedings started, which made her more suspicious. Now with him going into the jewelry story, I suspected the new girlfriend was about to be his new fiancée.

“What did you get?”

“Uhm, he was walking out of a jewelry store.” I winced as I said the words. I knew Maddy still loved her ex and was in denial after the divorce. If she knew he wanted to marry another—if what I assumed was correct—I wasn’t sure how she would handle it: confront and attack him or continue with the legal route. “Are you sure you want the details?”

“He’s going to marry her, isn’t he?” She sighed audibly.

“I don’t know—”

“Okay, it’s okay. It’s really okay. Send it to my lawyer and tell him to let me know what the judge says.”

I exhaled. That was the best thing she could do for her family. “No problem, Maddy. You just take care of your beautiful girls. Let your lawyer handle the rest.”

“I know you’re right. And, Dana …?”


“Thanks for helping me.”

“It’s a pleasure.”

“You doing this for me, and for free, has helped us. When the jackass starts paying, I will take you out for a lunch somewhere.”

“That’s perfect. You take care now.”

As I ended the call, it rang again. It was Johnny—my direct report when I had worked as an analyst for the FBI. We had kept in touch all these years and spoke at least once a month to catch up. I would even ask him for guidance on cases I was working, and he always obliged to help. It was strange he was calling again, since we had already spoken last week. For him to call again, had to be urgent.


“Dana! I need your help.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s not me. It’s my sister.”

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