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Creature Features: A collection of horror stories (Thrills and Scares Book 1) Ebook

Creature Features: A collection of horror stories (Thrills and Scares Book 1) Ebook

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They visit you in your dreams, caress your fears with long talons, and edge you on to dark shadows.

3 Creatures

                    3 Stories

                                   3 Things on their mind...

...blood, flesh, and death...

Read if you dare.

From werewolves to witches and even a grumpy vampire; three creatures of the night and their thrilling tales.

If you love occult horror and suspense, then you'll love Creature Features.


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Chapter 1Dusty

Dr. Byrd’s mustache was a little long and curled inside his mouth. Did food ever get caught on the wiry strands? How often did he trim it? Did he put any of those fancy oils or wax on it to keep it smooth? Would he allow Dusty to touch it?
Dr. Byrd lifted his hand and waved it in front of Dusty’s face, bringing her out of her daydream.
“Hmm.” She gazed into Dr. Byrd’s brown eyes, giving him her full attention.
Dr. Byrd read from his notes. “You mentioned your dog attacked the man who delivered a package to your home. I asked how bad the bite was and if he’s all right now?”
“Oh! Right.”
That wasn’t what really happened, that’s just what she told Dr. Byrd.
Dusty shifted in the large chair. “The courier guy. Yes, I helped him. It was just a minor scratch, luckily nothing worth complaining to the police about.”
Not really, it wasn’t her dog; they didn’t even own one. The courier guy teased her sons, and he ended up with a large gash on his forearm. With an apology, many threats, and a bag full of money, she could sort out any misunderstanding. Last she heard, the man had moved to Mauritius and was living the rest of his days doing whatever he wanted while enjoying the sun—and their money.
Since that episode, Dusty had worried about her son’s and how they needed to control themselves. That thought alone sent shivers down her spine.
They need discipline—that was more appropriate. But she new she couldn’t blame them, they all shared the similar temper.
Dr. Byrd finished his therapy mumbo jumbo and mentioned homework she needed to do for her next session. Sigh! She wanted to roll her eyes, but he was watching her with his brown hawk eyes over glass frames. She still had too many sessions left with Dr. Byrd. She didn’t know whether she had the strength to continue—the restraint. To experience such proximity to someone who smelled so delicious was testing her willpower to the fullest. Dusty needed to set a good example for her sons and wished she could snap her fingers and be back at the hospital already.
Dr. Byrd stopped talking, her cue to rise. He shook her hand, and she could smell his sour breath; she didn’t think he flossed much, if at all. He had an excellent head of dark brown hair that looked soft like a baby’s. She wanted to run her fingers through it, to feel how soft it was. His handshake was firm yet soft like his belly; he probably drank a beer or two after work. And, he wasn’t very active—he sounded out of breath by the time they reach the door—it’s almost too easy. Dusty wouldn’t work too hard to catch him. Sweat trickled down Dusty’s spine, and her beast wanted to explode out of her body and grab him. Her hands bunched into fists, she fought the temptation, the delicious meaty smell. She wished she could take a bite—just one tasty bite.
Dusty’s dream shattered when the receptionist opened the door, and Dr. Byrd’s next victim entered his office.

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