• N Gray

Wolf Retreat - 25 May 2021

This bad boy releases soon! Squeeeeaaaal!!!!

This year I'm contributing to quite a few PNR boxsets that release at various times throughout the year, but I didn't want my readers to go without books to read directly from me.

After I wrote "Wolf" - it's part of a shifter anthology that releases in November, I got the idea for "Wolf Retreat". I wondered what would an alpha do if he can't find his mate? Why not introduce a retreat where alphas could come with the hopes of finding theirs, especially when the company boasts at least a 40% success rate.

Introducing Shawn... he has been mentioned in the Blaire Thorne Series, is still single and needs help.

But that's not all...

What if there was a female who hadn't found her mate yet? Meet Carmen.

This was risky of me to do, but I thought - let me try. My main character is older, instead of the twenty-something that I usually read in PNR. Carmen has had some life experience and feels as though she's stuck being alone for the rest of her life.

Enter the evil rogue pack who wants Carmen's pack... and has killed their leader.

This forces Carmen and her friend to attend the Wolf Retreat to see if they can find their mate, and to help them defend their small pack.

How will it end? Well, read it to find out!

This book has the perfect balance of intrigue, thrilling action, streamy romance, and uncertainty.

So far, my readers are loving it.

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