• N Gray

Underworld Legacy... finally!

The files have been uploaded, it's ready for the countdown... Underworld Legacy is (almost) out.

In less than 7 days you'll get to read about Blaire's pregnancy, and Scout's journey (and meeting her dad).

Blaire and the gang have a case to solve with the police, while she battles the aches and pains of being pregnant.

(I'm sure quite a few ladies would nod their head while reading the book - agreeing with the back pain, swollen ankles, and an appetite - well, if not, then you're reading about my experience ;-)).

And, yes, as usual, there are graphic descriptions of the scenes, and thrilling action...and not forgetting some titillating romance.

And we have Scout. She has a tough time up ahead in the Underworld, and one of those scenes reminds me of the mesmerizing vortex in a Portuguese lake swallowing water. Pic supplied from here

Scout needs to retrieve artifacts for her father from dangerous places, but she doesn't go alone (I'm not that cruel). Her courage is tested and slowly but surely she gets to know her dad.

Lastly, we get to meet Blaire's son (no spoilers here), and there's a BONUS chapter for one of Ulysses assassinations.

This is also the longest book I'd written and I really did have fun writing it.

So, buckle up, 'cause you're in for a ride.

Stay safe & keep reading

N Gray