• N Gray

Notorious Minds Boxset

I'm currently writing a thriller series in between my Paranormal series. I've written book 1 and halfway through writing book 2.

I wrote NIGHTCRAWLER as the prequel to this series which is only available when you purchase the NOTORIOUS MINDS boxset for 99c

I've collaborated with 19 other awesome authors, and some are USA Today and International Bestselling Authors.

The best part, when you purchase this pre-order boxset, you get a bundle of FREE books to keep you busy for a while.

So what's Nightcrawler about?

It started with a support group and ended in murder.

When the people responsible for killing someone you love is set free, how far would you go to get justice?

Travis Green has already gotten away with murder. Can he encourage those who trust him to do the unthinkable? To partake in revenge killings that can only lead to a never-ending cycle of murder and revenge?

One support group.

Six strangers.

Six lost loved ones.

These strangers form a bond so strong they formulate the perfect plan to assist each other avenge those they have lost.

Everything was going perfectly.

Until Travis meets her.