• N Gray


Twisted is next on the publishing list for 2022. I had so much fun writing this one; it's funny, there's mild suspense, some steam, and of course tons of action.

We first meet Osmodeus in Night Hunter - it's part of the Immortal Legacies Anthology. And in Twisted we learn more about him as a lustful demon, his brother, and we discover who their mother is.

When one mistake leads Julia to another, she finds help in the most unlikely places.

Julia saw something she shouldn’t have and in order to stay safe, she summoned a Demon Lord for protection, but she summoned the wrong one.

Thrust into a world she knew little about, Julia must figure out a way to get out of the Underworld and away from the dangers lurking in her own home with a demon intent on making her life difficult; along with pleasurable sensations she fought not to feel.

Twisted is a stand-alone HEA demon shifter romance




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