Paranormal Romance

Sultry Shifter Nights - Kai

Kai had given up on love, while Naomi wasn't looking.

All it took was a chance encounter. The moment their hands touched something ignited within them, a feeling so strong they couldn't ignore it.


But, Naomi's overprotective father hated shifters and planned to separate them forcibly.


Kai and Naomi would do everything to stay together, 

even though there were forces pulling them apart. When one of them is gravely injured, they needed to consider an alternative neither was prepared for.

Hearts Unleashed - Hidden Shifter

A Hardened heart, a chance encounter, and forbidden love. 


Deep in the forest hid one of the last saber clans who did their best to stay hidden. That's until Ava stumbled upon Tyler in the most embarrassing way. But little did she know their lives would change forever.

Would Ava's hardened heart be thawed through Tyler's care and strength?

And would Tyler's clan accept a human as one of their own?

Info Coming Soon! - Night Hunter

A vampire going on vacation was unheard of. Yet, Declan was adamant he needed to get away to think about the future awaiting him back in the US.

His destination, an affluent suburb in South Africa where he meets a mysterious woman he couldn't stop thinking about and did everything in his power to gain her trust.

But, instead of enjoying himself, a demon was killing the women he fed on, putting everyone's life in danger.

Declan knew who had hired the demon, but could he give them what they wanted? And was he prepared for his ever after?

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