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Book of the Dead

When dying was only the beginning...

George wasn't looking where he was going. He didn’t see the eighteen-wheeler heading straight for him. He didn’t hear the truck hit his car, nor did he feel the hard wheels ride through his body like it would through a puddle of water. The truck pulverized his body so badly the Jaws of Life weren’t necessary to tear the car from his body. Instead, they scooped his remains into a bag.

Then George woke up...

This is a dark humor horror short read exploring death and the great beyond that will leave you questioning what you think about the afterlife.

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Creature Features

They visit you in your dreams, caress your fears with long talons, and edge you on to dark shadows.

3 Creatures

                    3 Stories

                                   3 Things on their mind...

...blood, flesh, and death...

Read if you dare.

From werewolves to witches and even a grumpy vampire; three creatures of the night and their thrilling tales.

If you love occult horror and suspense, then you'll love Creature Features.

Monster Features

Monsters are real. They are under your bed, in your dark closet, and you can never escape them...

3 Monsters

                    3 Stories

                                   3 Horrors filled with...

...bones, teeth, and scales...

Read if you dare.

From Vikings to Mayan temples to an isle in Scotland. Three monster tales with deadly consequences...

If you love Kaiju monsters or HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, then you'll love Monster Features.

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You never forget your first...

What's for Dinner?

This is the book that started it all...

A collection of delectable stories to whet your appetite

Appetizer - Too Late: only time will tell.

Entrée - The Villa: if it's too good to be true, it's probably going to kill you.

Main course - The Island: if you search too hard, you might not like what you find.

Dessert - Deadly nightshade: if the dying knows the right words, with a vial against their lips, their suffering will end.

Each story has an element of death to sink your teeth into; albeit natural, unnatural, compassionate, and one with a side order of evil.

Bon Appétit