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N Gray contributes to a handful of boxsets in 2021 and 2022. 
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Make Them Pay Paperback 
includes The Package


When criminals cross the line, who will make them pay?

From police to vigilantes to secret government organizations, the answer awaits those who think they are beyond the reach of the law-abiding world.

They make their own rules.

For that, we must make them pay!

More than twenty thriller authors bring their ‘A’ game with never-before-seen stories, different takes on justice, and maybe that’s the way we want it to be.

Shifters Ever After - Lee

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Find your Happily Ever After...in Shifters Ever After!

Dive into worlds of wonder-filled paranormal romance and urban fantasy with sizzling stories of shifters and their sassy fated mates as only Shifters Unleashed can deliver.

Escape reality and go along for a journey of tantalizing tales with Wolves, Lions, Dragons, Bears, oh my, and so many more.

Realize your dreams and live the fantasy with Shifters Ever After.

Shift Happens - Flynn

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Shift happens... when you least expect it.

Step into the world of the supernatural with this amazing anthology of scorching hot Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy stories.

Discover Bears, Dragons, Wolves, Witches, Vampires, and more in this fabulous collection. These tantalizing tales from the bestselling authors you love and new-to-you talent are guaranteed to satisfy.