• N Gray

I’m the last of my kind and hunted.

They killed my protector; drove me out of my home, and now I have nowhere to go. During my escape, the hunters injured me. No longer able to fly, I stumbled upon a cabin in the woods seeking help. The man I met wasn’t happy to see a naked woman with hunters hounding her. All I wanted was medical attention and some food.

All I wanted was to live my life in isolation and enjoy my retirement in peace. But then a naked woman approached from deep within the forest, needing my help. I knew I shouldn’t help her, she would only bring trouble. The men after her would arrive soon, and I should chase her away. But I couldn’t.

Lady Hawk and her Mountain Man is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance

  • N Gray

I planned a weekend getaway, doing what I love, taking pictures of wildlife and being surrounded by nature. Nothing could go wrong.

Until I got lost and stumbled upon Tyler in one of the most embarrassing ways and injured myself. Now I’m unable to leave until I can stand on my own two feet, but being in close proximity to Tyler isn’t good for my health.

My body betrays me, my mind confuses me, and my hardened heart started to thaw.

But lurking in the shadows is something dangerous that could destroy us all...

Hearts Unleashed Releases 12 October 2021.